Several resources are available to support you in your role as a teacher.

Educational tools

  • Brightspace: you will be required to log into the virtual campus (Brightspace) to access some of the learning modules.
  • Elentra supports the delivery of the pre-clerkship program and serves as a single access point to the following:
    • your personal schedule/calendar as well as that of the full program;
    • course content (objectives, etc.);
    • assessment tasks to be completed.
    • Consult Elentra - Guide
  • ePortfolio: the goal is to develop a collegial forum for students and ePortfolio coaches to reflect on the evolving roles of the physician and to celebrate together their successes as students gain competence in each of these roles over their four years in medical school.
    The ePortfolio also allows the student to create a multimedia curriculum vitae and serves as a tool to maintain competencies throughout the educational continuum. 
Laptop and book representing Academic ressources

Teaching tools

Technological tools

technological tools

Remuneration tools

money pig representing Remuneration tools