Development Student Association (AÉDSA)

As a student in the International Development and Globalization, the International Economics and Development, or le Licence en droit spécialisé en développement international et mondialisation programs (grouped as DVM programs), you are a member of the Development Student Association (AÉDSA). The AÉDSA is a team of undergraduate students also in DVM whose mandate is to represent all DVM students on campus. As well, the AÉDSA are your 101-week hosts when you first arrive on campus. Throughout the year, the association will host various events where you can meet other students in DVM,  gain insights into classes to look forward to, opportunities to take advantage of, and gain valuable advice directly from students who have gone through it all.

The association is  here to support you. The AÉDSA fights for your rights as a student behind the scenes, represents your interests on campus. It is entirely focused on ensuring your degree at the University of Ottawa is as positive and fulfilling as it can be.

Check out the website to learn more about this year’s executive team, more about how the AÉDSA came to be, or to find out about some upcoming events. You can also stop by the office on the second floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences building and chat with some of the executives (FSS2039 - down the hall of student associations towards the communal study space).


The AÉDSA maintains multiple roles on campus. Firstly, they represent DVM students and advocate for your best interests within the University and externally when necessary. This could include ensuring DVM students’ voices are heard during program reviews or reporting to the University of Ottawa Students’ Union (UOSU) on DVM student related concerns. Secondly, the AÉDSA is here to help its members. Undergraduate DVM students can and should use the AÉDSA for anything they might need throughout their degree. You first meet the AÉDSA when they plan and host your 101-week in your first year on campus. Throughout the year, the AÉDSA will host many events where you can meet other DVM students in all years of study. The AÉDSA can answer almost any question, or can help you find an answer on and off campus. Not sure what kinds of electives to take in your upper years? What is the difference between a Field Research Course and an International Internship? Where should you be looking for development-related jobs? Even things such as where are good places to study on campus can be answered by your AÉDSA executive team. Even if we don’t know the answer, we can find someone who does.

The AÉDSA is simply a team of fellow students looking to give back to their program so that younger students have the same positive university experiences.

Major roles

Your AÉDSA Executive Team has a President and various Vice-President positions, all of which are elected. Elections take place every March to decide the new executive team for the upcoming term running from May to April. After the election, the supporting Directorship positions are opened for application. Information on the various positions, current contact info and office hours are posted on the AÉDSA website.

Major events

The AÉDSA hosts numerous events all year long where students can network, make friends, ask questions, get advice, or just hang out with all kinds of people. Major events throughout the year include 101-week in September, annual General Assemblies in October and February (where you can really learn about how the AÉDSA works), and International Development Week in February. Other events that occur throughout the year include trivia nights, international dinners, and professor-student networking events. A full and up-to-date list of events is always on the AÉDSA Facebook Page.

Social media

Follow the AÉDSA on any and all of its social media profiles! That’s the fastest and most effective way they communicate with students.


International Development and Global Studies Students Association (GDVM)

International Development and Global Studies students have access to a great variety of program-related  and campus activities.

There are more than 100 active clubs and associations on campus:  Graduate students association, or the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPRIG) to name a few.

Students can also participate in workshops, conferences or presentations organized by the teachers and/or students of the School of International Development and Global Studies such as the International Development Week.

International Development and Global Studies Students Association (GDVM) Members
President Vacant
Vice-President, Social and CommunicationsAlexandra Wilson
Vice-President, AcademicVacant
Professional Development RepresentativeVacant
Secretary/TreasurerTamara Donnelly
Communications RepresentativeVacant
External RepresentativeColleen Cranmer
CUPE-SCFP 2626 StewardVacant
International Affairs RepresentativeVacant
PhD Representative (Francophone)Axel Pueugue Simo
PhD Representative (Anglophone)Kathy Bergs
Masters Representative (Francophone)Landry Nadembega
Masters Representative (Anglophone)Bojana Nakic
First Year Representative (Francophone)Vacant
First Year Representative (Anglophone)Vacant

Social Sciences Building
120 University Private, Room 2035
Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5
Canada (map)

[email protected]