The Faculty is proud to attract the tremendous intellectual wealth that postdoctoral fellows and research associates represent.

These scientists are embarking on a quest for complementary expertise or more specialized knowledge in their area of research and, in the process, they play an active role in their unit's scientific pursuits. For more information, visit the Postdoctoral Fellows section on the uOttawa Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Recruitment policy

Here is the policy on the recruitment of post-doctoral fellow at the School of International Development and Global Studies.

The School Assembly hereby approves the following policy for the selection of postdoctoral fellows who seek association with the School;

  1.  Anyone wishing to become a postdoctoral fellow at the School must come with full funding from an outside source (e.g. SSHRC Banting or similar).
  2. Candidates for postdoctoral fellows must provide the School with a detailed CV and a description of their proposed postdoctoral research.
  3.  A regular professor of the School must write to the Director expressing willingness to supervise the postdoctoral fellow in question.
  4. On the basis of the CV, the description of the proposed postdoctoral research and the letter of support from the would-be supervisor, and if the Director judges that the candidate’s work falls within the mandate of the School and if s/he judges that the School is likely to have sufficient office space to accommodate the postdoctoral fellow, the Director will send an email to all regular professors in the School asking them to approve the postdoctoral fellow on a no-objections basis.  The Director will give regular professors one week to respond.  In her/his email to regular professors, the Director will provide the following information: the name of the candidate, the name of the professor who has expressed willingness to supervise the candidate, the CV of the candidate, and the description of the proposed postdoctoral research.  If there are significant objections, then the Director will bring the question to the next meeting of the School Assembly; if there are no significant objections, the proposal will be deemed to be accepted and the Director will proceed with recruitment of the postdoctoral fellow (subject to external funding being available; see item 1 above).

It is understood that, due to the exigencies of the funding agencies, steps 2, 3 and 4 above may have to take place before the closure of the funding competition.  In such cases, the candidates will deemed to have provisional acceptance only.  Final acceptance will depend on the candidate obtaining full external funding.

The School will provide postdoctoral fellows with (shared) office space, a telephone, a computer with Internet connection, and library privileges.

Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to give at least one public presentation on their postdoctoral research per year.  The School will help publicise this event.  Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to participate, wherever possible and appropriate, in research teams in the School. Postdoctoral fellows may teach one or more courses in the School, subject to the conditions of their external funding.

Current postdoctoral fellows:

  • Cassin, Katelyn