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Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Véronique Strimelle, Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Where and what did I study?

I did a master’s in history (Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium) and a doctorate in criminology  (Université de Montréal). I worked a few years as a high school teacher. I was also a mediator for an alternative justice organization in Quebec.

My research interests?

My research deals with methods of socio-penal regulation in Canada of those considered delinquent. I’m particularly interested in alternative means of regulation outside the criminal justice system (restorative justice, mediation and Indigenous justice). My other research interests include the history of youth detention facilities and socio-community reintegration of people out of prison.

My most recent research looks at the situation of ageing and elderly persons imprisoned in Canada.

My favourite quote?

It’s from Jean Rostand: “To reflect is to disturb one’s thoughts.”

My favourite place on campus?

My favourite place is the lobby of the Social Sciences Building and, particularly, the living green wall, which adds bit of nature and beauty to our daily activities.

Véronique Strimelle

Véronique Strimelle
Social Sciences Building
Room 3001
Phone: 613-562-5905
[email protected]

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