Learn more about our training program at the André E. Lalonde AMS Laboratory.


We encourage students, technicians, and professors to come to Ottawa to process their own samples in our sample preparation laboratories. Other than covering the analytical cost, the program is free!

There is a sample minimum. For fully trained outside users processing samples at the AEL-AMS laboratory, a discount may be applied at the discretion of the AEL-AMS staff. For more information about the training program, please contact us.

Two students engaged in the training program
Photo credit: Sophie Beraud Photography

Preparing for your visit

  • The program is offered year-round, but space is limited during busy months (i.e. August-October and December-March). Contact us early.
  • All participants are required to bring indoor closed-toed shoes, and wear long pants. Long hair should be tied back. All other necessary PPE will be provided (i.e. lab coat, safety goggles, gloves).
  • Consultation regarding your sample set is required before your visit. Make sure your samples are well labelled and organized prior to arriving at the lab.

Mandatory Safety Training

  • All participants are required to complete mandatory safety training through University of Ottawa prior to working in the laboratory. Please register as a guest to create an account. Once the on-line application has been submitted, you should receive an access code within 24 hours.

Please complete the following online training courses: