Administrative fees

The following amounts are effective starting September 1, 2022.

Admission-related fees – Applications submitted and payable to OUAC

For more information, please visit the OUAC website.


Fee description Fee
File evaluation – undergraduate (including three program choices):  
– Applicants from Ontario secondary schools $150.00
– Applicants from other Canadian secondary schools or from a CEGEP $156.00
– Applicants with postsecondary studies $246.00
– International applicants with postsecondary studies (with a mailing address outside of Canada) $256.00
– Additional program choice $50.00
– Mailing outside of Canada $10.00
File evaluation – graduate $110.00
File evaluation – Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS) $315.00
File evaluation – Ontario Faculties of Education, Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) (including three program choices) $244.00
– Additional choice $51.00
File evaluation – Ontario Medical Schools Application Service (OMSAS) $345.00
File evaluation – Ontario Rehabilitation Sciences Programs Application Service (ORPAS) for graduate programs in occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy/physiotherapy (PT), audiology (AUD) and speech-language pathology (SLP) $280.00
File evaluation (payable to the Ontario Universities' Application Centre) $110.00
Other admission-related fees
Fee description Fee
Audition fees – Department of Music (non-refundable) $50.00
Entrance examination (School of Translation) $10.00
File evaluation – undergraduate studies, per program choice $90.00
File evaluation – certificates and part-time BEd, evaluation of Statement of Experience $87.04
File evaluation – Undergraduate Doctor of Pharmacy $150.00
French proficiency test for Teacher Education (BEd) and for the Professional Development Program (AQ/ABQ), second-language teaching, French as a second language option $129.63
Language assessment for ESL and FLS courses – online test $29.95
Recognition of prior learning:  
– Evaluation request $26.34
– Evaluation $261.12
Language assessment for Civil Law (French language test) – Online test $35.25
International Office fees
Fee description Fee
File evaluation – International Office programs $100.00
File administration – uOGlobal two-term program, per term $153.00
File evaluation for student mobility - National Student Exchange (NSE) program $250.00

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) – reinstatement of membership cancelled for international students’ dependants, per dependant

Documentation fees
Fee description Fee

Request for acknowledgement of advanced standing


Statement of academic standing prepared by a faculty (depending on complexity)

Official enrolment verification (digital copy sent to a third party via MyCredsTM) $20.00 plus tax

Official enrolment verification (paper copy, ordered online via uoZone or in person)


Student identity card replacement


Priority mail outside of Canada (in addition to documentation fees)


Priority mail within Canada (in addition to documentation fees)


Diplomas, regular or large sizes


– Official diploma photocopy


Evaluation of credentials for non-registrant students: ABQ intermediate or senior division, éducation technologique or Honour Specialist program in Education


Researching fee for course description, per course, or request for syllabus, per syllabus (photocopies included)


Education savings plans or other pre-printed statement forms (one or more forms)


Letter of permission for transfer of units

Official digital transcript (sent to a third party via MyCredsTM) $20.00 plus tax

Official transcript (paper copy ordered online via uoZone or in person)


Degree verification (Medicine) without research


Degree verification (Medicine) requiring research

Supplemental examination fees
Fee description Fee
Supplemental examination $49.59

Off-campus supplemental examination (not including fees from the external body)

Placement and Co-operative Education fees
Fee description Fee
Cotutelle – doctoral program (per term) $810.00

Co-operative Education programs


Co-operative Education programs (international students)


Mandatory Co-operative Education programs


Mandatory Co-operative Education programs (international students)


Undergraduate Medical Education – clinical placement for Canadians studying abroad


Undergraduate Medical Education – stage clinique au choix pour visiteur canadien


Postgraduate Medical Education


Supplemental placement (Faculty of Education)


Compulsory training for "Non Violent Crisis Intervention" for internships pour les étudiants en ergothérapie, sciences infirmières, sciences de la nutrition, audiophonie/orthophonnie, physiothérapie, activités physiques, Psychologie clinique (Ph.D.) et éducation en psychologie du conseil (Maîtrise)


Mask fitting - mandatory requirement for internships pour tous les étudiants en Activité physique, Sciences infirmières, Science de la nutrition, erghothérapie, Audiologie/orthophonie, physiothérapie, psychologie clinique (ph.D), Éducation en psychologie du conseil (maîtrise).

Enrolment-related fees
Fee description Fee
Refund processing fee deducted from all refunds $25.00

Late payment (in addition to accumulated interest), per invoice


Returned cheques (NSF) or recovery of post-dated cheques


Bank fees incurred by the University for insufficient funds or credit memos

Direct cost
Administrative cost for fee payments by credit memo $25.00
Miscellaneous fees
Fee description Fee
Academic regalia rental (gown, hood, mortarboard) $24.36

File administration – Visiting Student Researcher (VSR)

Fees related to convocation
Fee description Fee
Gown rental (online, before deadline) $50.00 plus taxes
Gown rental (on site, at convocation ceremony) $71.00 plus taxes
Fees related to re-admission to master’s, diplomas and PhD – Applications submitted to OUAC
Fee description Fee
Fee to maintain your place in your program (Canadian students – amount per term of absence) $1,581.46
Fee to maintain your place in your program (international students – amount per term of absence) $5,142.69
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