Tuition fees

2019-2020 academic year

Non-exempt international students


Undergraduate Education Bursary for International Students

Newly admitted international students enrolled full time in an undergraduate program starting in the Fall 2019, Winter 2020 or Spring 2020 term will automatically receive a scholarship of $1,250 per term, up to a maximum of $10,000

This scholarship does not apply to:

Tuition fee calculation

Tuition fees are calculated based on how far you have progressed in your University of Ottawa program.

Fees are based on the total number of units you will have completed by the end of the term you are being billed for. The scale below was changed in 2018–2019 to reflect the range of academic paths and our flexible, growing choice of programs.

  • 33 or fewer units
  • 33.01 to 66 units
  • 66.01 to 99 units
  • 99.01 to 132 units
  • 132.01 to 165 units
  • 165.01 units or more

Example: If you have already earned 30 course units, and are enrolled in courses worth 15 units in the fall term, the number of units used to determine your fall tuition fees will be 45 (30+15), placing you in the 33.01-to-66-unit tuition fee level.

Tuition fee predictability commitment

Tuition-fee are established by the University of Ottawa each spring for the following academic year.  Because we are committed to ensuring that newly admitted international students are able to predict their tuition fees beyond first year, we have put in place the following measures.

  • Limiting tuition fee increases to 5.5% for international students admitted for the Spring-Summer 2020 term or earlier who remain enrolled full time and move normally from one level of tuition fees to the next.
  • This applies until students reach the final tuition fee level indicated for their program, after which students pay final-level tuition fees for subsequent years.
  • This excludes new fees that may be imposed by the Ontario government, incidental fees, ancillary fees and administrative fees.

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