The principles guiding Information Technology's every action.

Innovation, the final frontier. Think big. Collaborate. Create disruption.

It’s about getting it right and staying focused. Innovation. Everyone on the same page means we all understand how to get the best solution so that the software and tools we have truly are the best for our students, professors, and personnel. Talented and creative staff make things happen. Standards keep things consistent, and keep things simple.

Florian Martin-Bariteau

“Building an exceptional digital campus starts by understanding people, and then technology.”

Florian Martin-Bariteau

— Associate Professor Faculty of Law, Common Law Section

Agility & Continuous Learning logo

Agility and continuous learning

Be agile, embrace the power of the collective, share what you have learned. 
User-centric Design logo

User-centric design

Tailor solutions to user needs and preferences. Know them, learn from their preferences, provide for their needs.
Secure and private by design logo

Secure & private by design

Security is not optional, build it safe and make it count! 
Managed data logo

Managed data

Data belongs to the University. Policies exist to ensure its proper management.  
Cloud as an enabler logo

Cloud as an enabler

Digital transformation extends beyond technology. Let the cloud be the enabler, not the goal. 
Innovation & Diversity logo

Innovation & diversity

We are a community of thinkers, tinkerers, makers and doers. Think big. Collaborate. Harness the power of diversity and inclusion. Build the foundations for disruption. 
Fit for Purpose logo

Fit for purpose

Be precise, avoid waste. Ask why? Build the right thing and build the thing right. 
Evolutionary Architecture logo

Evolutionary architecture

Embrace change, API first solutions and make them resilient to time, avoid technical debt.  
Strategic partnerships logo

Strategic partnerships

Promote strategic and strong relationships with partners and vendors.  
Simple & reusable logo

Simple & reusable

Keep it simple, avoid snowflakes, embrace reuse. 
Sustainable logo


Shift solutions and culture, simplify and componentize to scale only what you need and when you need it, avoid idle computing power.