The quest for information does not work in a vacuum. We need to be linked, connected to each other.

Students, professors, researchers, support staff all partake in the discovery of new data, new truths, new enlightenment each in their own way. The challenge is taking a broader look at how we connect, how our systems connect, and how our devices connect so that they are more person-centric and natural ways of reaching each other.

We are committed to partnering with faculties and services to expand and improve the quality of our services and tools in support of our Francophone community.

Karim Sorour

“The intricacies of people, technology, and conversation are now melded in today’s society. More than ever, I search for interesting and innovative ways to reach out and make myself heard.”

Karim Sorour

— 4th-year international co-op student, International Management (B. Com)


Engaged students

Goal 1

With the world: Increase our reach to prospective students by transforming the University's web presence into a best in class engagement and personalized platform.


  • Collaborate with other services to transform the University's online engagement, personalization platforms and search capabilities to enhance user experience.

  • Streamline non-public web content based on relevancy and analytics to enhance overall digital performance.

  • Leverage artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies in our services, as well as solutions to encourage self-service.

uOttawa STEM building

Goal 2

With partners: Strengthen and expand partnerships with our faculties, services, public and private sectors.


  • Leverage technology and engage with partners to organize, store, curate, preserve and facilitate access to research data.
  • Federate our collaborative solutions with Canadian universities, key academic and research partners.
  • Support Alumni Relations fundraising efforts.
  • Partner with the International Office on partnership and data publishing.
  • Expand and improve the quality of our services and tools in support of our Francophone community.
Student working on computer

Goal 3

With technology: Ensure IT investments are strategically aligned through rigorous planning and governance.


  • Further develop the enterprise architecture practice and optimize the IT and information governance structure and processes.
  • Define and implement a digital foundation architecture aligned with Transformation 2030.
  • Deliver a secure, flexible and unified mobile student experience.
  • Provide a campus-wide card solution for accessing all services.
  • Optimize the IT ecosystem and digital student learning experience.
  • Increase our engagement with students, professors and employees when delivering business-led technology projects.