Explore the evolution of the Ombudsperson.




At the age of 15, Charles XII became King of Sweden. The following 17 years, as he was fighting wars, the Ombudsman would make sure that everything stayed in order while the King was away.

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The Swedish parliament appointed the first government ombudsman, Lars Augustin Mannerheim, who instead of protecting the King's rights would protect the people's rights. 

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The first University Ombudsman role was established in Canada, at Simon Fraser University located in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

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The Bill 12 - Ombudsman Amendment Act allowed the change of reference from Ombudsman to Ombudsperson. 

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The Office of the Ombudsperson opened its doors for the first time to the entire university community at the University of Ottawa.

Did you know?

While the Swedish generally get the credit for having the first parliamentary ombudsman, there are other cultures and traditions where an ombudsman-like role was common, In first nations communities in North America, for example, disputes would often be resolved by an elder - someone who knew the people and could make decisions that would be far on an individual level. Other examples - each with their own name for the function or the person who performed it - Include: Muslims - (the Mohtasib), China (the Censorate), and in many islands throughout the South Pacific elders practice an ancient reconciliation and forgiveness method called Ho'oponopono.