Our Mandate

Our purpose

We provide an independent, impartial and confidential service to help all members of the University community work towards just, fair and equitable solutions. See also our FAQ.

Resources for all

Triangle with three points: How was it decided? How was I treated? What was decided?

Annual report

We submit an annual report (PDF, 1.1 MB) with information about our services, our approach, examples of cases, statistics and recommendations.

For further details about our mandate, refer to Policy 127 on the Ombudsperson.

Our principles

Building a Culture of Fairness


Your consultation with us is confidential. We offer a safe space for you to discuss any university-related problem, issue or complaint and to seek assistance. We don’t share information about you unless you give us your consent, or in rare situations where there appears to be an imminent risk of serious harm or when compelled by law.


The Office is funded jointly by the Student Associations and the University. The Office functions independently of the University and Student Associations.


We listen without bias. We consider your interests and those of all parties. We review information impartially and objectively, and we look for solutions with a focus on fairness and equity.

ACCUO logo


Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons

As voting members of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons (ACCUO) we are committed to the ACCUO Standards of Practice (PDF, 568KB).

Our Services

We can help with, as appropriate:

  • Identifying your options and resources
  • Clarifying your rights and responsibilities
  • Explaining regulations and procedures
Advice and coaching
  • How to raise your concerns effectively
  • How to plan for a difficult conversation
  • How to communicate in conflict situations
Third-party interventions
  • Facilitating communication 
  • Problem-solving or mediating
  • Reviewing or investigating your concern
We may also
  • Recommend changes and improvements to policies, procedures and practices

Feedback from our clients:

“The staff was amazing; courteous, helpful, respectful, empathetic”.

“The ombudsperson gave excellent advice and she was very welcoming and easy to talk to.”

“I want to thank the Ombudsperson that helped a great deal. We felt that she helped clarify questions and gave a good direction to our problem. Thanks again for your great help.”

We welcome your feedback.