OLBI offers a suite of language tests for a variety of stakeholders and purposes. We follow international best practice in test design, administration, scoring and reporting procedures.

Description of the test components

Listening Comprehension Test - includes 3 to 4 test passages with multiple-choice questions. Each passage is heard twice. The test lasts about 60 minutes.

Reading Comprehension Test - includes 3 to 4 passages of 400 to 700 words with multiple-choice questions and a 20 to 30 item multiple-choice cloze test, in which words are deleted from a passage (candidates select the correct words to complete the text). This test lasts 60 minutes.

Writing Test - involves writing a composition of approximately 250 to 350 words about one of the three topics provided. Candidates have 45 minutes to complete this test.

Speaking Test - involves a face-to-face interview with an evaluator who asks questions about the candidates’ professional life, as well as more general topics. Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this test.