OLBI offers many French and English courses, along with a series of services specifically geared towards University of Ottawa professors.

Our role

The role of the Language Support Services for Professors is to create a university environment where professors communicate in both official languages, both written and spoken. Our support services are flexible and diverse. They may include reviewing classroom materials, preparing for language tests, group classes, and especially individual support.

Courses offered – Summer 2024

Improve your second language skills.

All courses will be held at a distance for the summer term. To register, please fill out the online application form.

For any questions or help please email us.

Course registration ends two weeks prior to the start of the course.

Language support services for full-time professors (APUO members)

All language support services will be offered via distance learning.

The language support services may include the following:

  • Basic language skills
  • Advanced language skills
  • Preparing for administrative positions
  • Preparing to teach in a second language
  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Basic writing skills
  • Academic writing for publication
  • Getting ready for lectures or conferences
  • Getting ready for active and passive language tests

Professors must submit their requests by filling out the Services request form.

Audio recording

Listen to the audio recording below by Associate Professor Hélène Knoerras she discusses the advantages of taking such classes in light of her research on the impact of teaching at university in a second language (in English only). Professor Knoerr explains how this type of training helps those who teach or publish in their second language.

Listen to Hélène Knoerr's audio recording

Transcript of Hélène Knoerr’s recording

Students at a picnic table

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