Our role

In cooperation with the Human Resources Service, OLBI is pleased to offer free language training in English and French to University of Ottawa personnel, including administrative personnel and faculty members. Courses are also open to their family members in many instances.

Who is eligible?

  • APUO members and their family
  • APTPUO members and their family
  • SSUO members and their family
  • PIPSC members and their family
  • CUPE2626 members (certain conditions apply)
  • Non-union regular employees and their family
  • Employees on contract with benefits and their family
  • Section 772-A members and their family
  • Section 772-B members and their family
  • Non-union managers and their family
  • NUEA members and their family
  • Administrative employees on contract with a full time schedule and their family 
  • Postdoctoral Fellows
  • Research Associates
  • Visiting professors and researchers and their family (certain conditions apply)

*Dependent children (VirtuO) must be at least 18 years of age to attend employee language courses.



Témoignages Cours personnel

Research Associate

I am grateful to be supported by the University of Ottawa in my journey to becoming completely bilingual. The business-oriented French as a second language (FLS) courses have greatly improved my confidence in speaking and writing French, and I appreciate that the University invests in its employees in this way.
Temoignages Cours personnel

Support Staff University of Ottawa (PSUO) Member

I am always pleased with the courses offered by OLBI. Thank you for the opportunity to continue building upon my second language skills.
Temoignages Cours personnel

Research Associate

I am very grateful that the University of Ottawa offers this service to staff members. I have taken a number of French courses since I started here 5 years ago and have found the quality excellent.

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