Language assessments for French immersion stream

OLBI offers a suite of language tests for a variety of stakeholders and purposes. We follow international best practice in test design, administration, scoring and reporting procedures.

About the test

Student who are applying for the French Immersion Program are required to complete an online French proficiency assessment administered by the OLBI - Language Testing Services

Test Fee: A $29.95 non-refundable fee will be added to your Statement of account which can be viewed in uoZone. Please ensure that you access and run the right test.

Immersion Entry Test

Students applying to the French immersion Stream must take the Immersion Entry Test to determine if their French proficiency is adequate to succeed in university courses taught in French. The results of this test do not affect your application to the University; the results only affect your entry to the French Immersion Stream.

Second Language Certification Test

To graduate with the “French Immersion” designation on their diploma, students in the French Immersion Stream must pass the Second Language Certification Test.

To write this test, you must enroll in FLS3500, a self-study course. The Second Language Certification Test is the final exam for this course.

To pass the test, you must receive at least a level 2 in all four components of the test: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

It is recommended to enroll in this course during the second term of your 3rd year or during the first term of your 4th year. This will ensure that you can enroll again in the course and re-take the test if you are not successful the first time.

More information about FLS3500 and the Second Language Certification Test is available, from this link: Information about the course.