Introduction to the Institute

Transforming to an environmentally sustainable way of life is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. This will require substantial changes in all sectors of society, including our institutions and their governance, our economic and social policies, and the way we use knowledge and technology to address environmental issues.

The Institute of the Environment (IE) is the University’s hub for environmental sustainability-related research, teaching and other activities. The cross-cutting nature of environmental problems means that there is a critical need for innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research. Our institute is well positioned to bring together different academic fields and stakeholders, all playing a vital role in understanding environmental problems and developing solutions.

We have built a national profile in the area of environment and economy through our research and policy network, The Smart Prosperity Institute (SPI). SPI brings together business, policy and academic leaders to allow innovative ideas to inform policy development.

We are also home to the Master's in Environmental Sustainability and the PhD in Environmental Sustainability.

Our programs  prepares graduates to navigate key environmental sustainability issues through a real-world approach to education, bringing practice into the classroom and learning into the community.

The Master's is designed to address a growing need for sustainability professionals who can shape decisions by understanding problems and the interconnected processes through which they persist, professionals able to translate integrated, systems-based thinking into tangible action.

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