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Welcome to the Institute of the Environment at the University of Ottawa

Transforming to an environmentally sustainable society is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. Making this transformation will require substantial changes in all sectors of our society, our institutions and their governance, our economic and social  policies and how we use knowledge and technology to address environmental issues.

The cross-cutting nature of environmental problems means that there is a critical need for innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and research. The Institute of the Environment is well positioned to bring together different academic fields and a range of stakeholders, all of which play a vital role in understanding environmental problems and  developing solutions.

The Institute has built a national profile, through its research and policy network, Smart Prosperity, in the environment-economy sphere.  Smart Prosperity brings together business, policy and academic leaders to help innovative ideas inform policy development. The Institute will be home to a new graduate program in environmental sustainability, offering a Master's of Science with strong foundations in science, law, economics and policy.

The Institute also foster interdisciplinary research and dialogue, through collaborative initiatives, attracting visiting scholars and experts, and sponsoring conferences and seminars at the University and with partners in the National Capital and across the country.


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