Graduate Programs

Today’s complex environmental problems require innovative solutions that cross traditional disciplinary lines. The Institute of the Environment offers two graduate programs for students interested in learning how to create better environmental policies and solutions.

Master's in Environmental Sustainability

The Master's in Environmental Sustainability trains students to be among the professionals and scholars who will lead us through the transformation to environmental sustainability. It does so by promoting learning in an integrated manner that more closely reflects reality than traditional, disciplinary approaches.

Maîtrise en durabilité de l’environnement

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PhD in Environmental Sustainability

The PhD in Environmental Sustainability aims to train leaders and professionals with the skills to develop, analyze and empirically assess policies and institutions that address the multiple challenges associated with the transition to sustainability. You will learn to consider environmental problems from the perspective of various disciplines (with an emphasis on science, law, economics and policy), all of which are critical to developing, implementing and evaluating solutions to environmental problems.

Tabaret Hall in autumn

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Specialization in Environmental Sustainability

The Specialization in Environmental Sustainability is open to students admitted to Masters’ in participating programs. Students receive the degree in their main program, with the mention ‘Specialization in Environmental Sustainability’ on their diploma and transcript.
This program is under assessment. Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Programme pluridisciplinaire

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