The graduate program in system science is an interdisciplinary program drawing on contributions from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Economics, Telfer School of Management and Department of Mathematics and Statistics. The program offers numerous opportunities to study complex systems in nature, society and science itself, aiming to develop interdisciplinary foundations that are applicable in a variety of areas, such as engineering, business and the social sciences. It provides students with the skills and knowledge required to understand, control, predict and optimize behaviour in a variety of fields, from engineering and computer science to management and applied economics. The program’s broad scope offers its graduates a wide range of career options, not only in the technical fields but also in management and science.

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Degree options

Key research themes

  • Operations research
  • Deterministic and probabilistic modelling
  • Optimization
  • Computer science
  • Information systems
  • Control
  • Economic modelling


These programs are only offered in English.

Career opportunities

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  • Entertainment industry
  • Government
  • Software industry

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