The objective of the Royal College Physician and Surgeon of Canada’s Accredited Prehospital and Transport Medicine (PTM) Area of Focused Competency (AFC) Diploma Program at the University of Ottawa is to create PTM Physician Specialists by providing a robust educational curriculum and create future leaders in PTM as PTM Physician Specialists.


Diploma trainees build expertise in all aspects of prehospital medicine; tactical medicine, event medicine, disaster medicine, fixed and helicopter medicine, medical response/amputation team, quality improvement and patient safety, regulatory oversight, education, licencing, research and publication.

The PTM program at University of Ottawa is the first accredited PTM Royal College AFC Diploma Program in Canada. 

More details about this can be found at: Areas of Focused Competence (AFC) programs at Royal College

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Base hospital - Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario (RPPEO)

The Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario (RPPEO) was created in February 2009 when the Ottawa and Kingston Base Hospitals were amalgamated. The RPPEO certifies paramedics to perform controlled medical acts and is responsible for ongoing continuing medical education and continuous quality improvement for all paramedics in the region. In addition, RPPEO provides medical direction and guidance to paramedics and paramedic services in nine upper-tier municipalities across Eastern Ontario.

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The communities served by the RPPEO are: Prescott-Russell, Cornwall SDG Counties, Ottawa, The County of Renfrew, Lanark County, Leeds and Grenville, Lennox and Addington, Hastings County, Prince Edward County and Frontenac County. Combined, this includes nine paramedic services and more than 1400 Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and Advanced Care Paramedics (ACP). 

The RPPEO champions excellence in Paramedicine, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that our community is provided with the safest and highest-quality clinical care possible.

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Map of communities served by RPPEO

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Meet Our Team


Dr. Michael Austin, MD, FRCPC

Dr Austin (Emergency Medicine), worked as a Wilderness Helicopter Paramedic for 14 years and is the current Prehospital and Transport Medicine (PTM) Diploma Program Director. He is an Assistant Professor with uOttawa and is Clinician Investigator OHRI.  He has several research grants and is widely published and is regarded as an international expert in this field specifically in the area of pre-hospital medicine. He holds a Subspecialty in EMS and Disaster Medicine from uOttawa and is an Associate Medical Director with the Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario, also Medical Directors for University of Ottawa Volunteer Crisis Response Team (VCRT) and Ontario Police College.

Dr. Michael Austin


Dr Daniel Beamish, MBBS (Qld.), FRCPC Emergency Medicine 

Dr. Beamish attended medical school at the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia and later completed FRCPC Emergency Medicine training at the University of Ottawa.  During residency he completed an EMS concentration year and later a Prehospital and Transport Medicine Fellowship after graduation. He currently practices as an emergency physician at The Ottawa Hospital as well as Arnprior Regional Health. Prehospital academic interests include teaching fellows and paramedics, assisting with research programs for prehospital therapeutics, developing pathways for alternative destinations of care, the intersection of the prehospital and hospital environments, evidenced based care, and providing online medical consultation. His interest in prehospital medicine began during residency during EMS month, where he learned an exceptional amount from our paramedic colleagues that were kind enough to let him ride-out with them. Outside of work he enjoys travel, sports and spending time with his family.

Dr. Daniel Beamish


Dr. Richard Dionne, MD, CCFP (EM)

Dr Richard Dionne has been an Academic Emergency Physician since 1997, worked in the Eastern Townships of Sherbrooke, Quebec, where he was initiated to the Prehospital World.  In the year 2000, worked in the United-States as an Emergency Physician at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and has been in Ontario, as full time Emergency Physician at the Ottawa Hospital, since 2001. He holds the academic position of Associate Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Dr Dionne has been the Medical Director of the Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario since 2016, following him being in the prior position of Associate Medical Director since 2003. 

Dr. Richard Dionne


Dr. Nick Costain, MD, FRCPC, DRCPSC (PTM)

Dr. Costain is an Emergency Medicine Physician at The Ottawa Hospital and Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa. He also works as a Base Hospital Physician with the Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario and a community Emergency Physician with HealthForce Ontario. Dr. Costain attended medical school at Dalhousie University and completed residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Costain's career path is as a Clinician Teacher with a special focus on leadership in teaching and knowledge translation. He loves being an active and engaged member amongst his colleagues; helping move many projects forward. Outside of work, he enjoys exploring Ottawa and its surroundings with his wonderful family. 

Dr. Nick Costain


Ms. Lisa Lance

Primary administrative contact for the CCFP-EM residency program as well as our Fellowship Programs.

Ms. Lisa Lance

PTM faculty list


Specialty and AFC-specific qualifications

Role in the program

Dr. Michael Austin

Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Helicopter Intensive Care Paramedic, Associate Medical Director RPPEO, Assistant Professor uOttawa, Clinician Scientist OHRI

  • PTM AFC Program Director

  • Expertise in Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Medicine and pre-hospital research

  • Expertise in Prehospital Education

  • Expertise Wilderness and Helicopter Medicine

  • Clinician Investigator

Dr. Andrew Willmore

Emergency Medicine, PTM Physician, Associate Medical Director RPPEO,

Medical Director TOH Dept of Emergency Management, Clinical Lecturer uOttawa

  • Expertise in PTM, Disaster Medicine, Medical Education, Administration

Dr. Richard Dionne

Emergency Medicine, PTM Physician , Medical Director RPPEO, Associate Professor uOttawa

  • Expertise in PTM, Disaster Medicine and Administration
  • Expertise medical oversight

Dr. Andy Reed

Emergency Medicine, Paramedic, Associate Medical Director RPPEO, PTM Physician, Assistant Professor Queens University, Medical Director OPP

  • Expertise in PTM, Disaster Medicine and CQA/CQI
  • Tactical Medicine

Dr. Christian Vaillancourt

Emergency Medicine, Associate Medical Director RPPEO, Full Professor uOttawa, Senior Scientist OHRI

  • Expertise in pre-hospital research
  • Clinician-Scientist

Dr. Simeon Mitchell

Emergency Medicine, PTM Physician, Paramedic, Clinical Lecturer uOttawa

  • Expertise in PTM, Disaster Medicine

  • Quality Improvement expert

Ben de Mendonca

Quality and Patient Safety Manager, RPPEO

  • Quality and patient safety
  • Regulatory expertise

  • Quality improvement methodology

Frank St-Jean

Education Manager, RPPEO

  • Prehospital education (development, deployment and evaluation)

  • Regulatory expertise

  • Educational methodology

Penny Price

Director, RPPEO

  • Regulatory Expertise

  • Managerial expertise

Julie Sinclair

Coordinator Quality and Patient Safety and Research, RPPEO

  • Research and data management

  • Quality and patient safety

  • Research methodology

Dr. Valerie Charbonneau

Emergency Medicine, PTM Physician Specialist, Community Paramedicine Medical Director

  • Palliative Care

  • Quality Improvement

  • Community Paramedicine

Dr. Melissa Langevin

Pediatric Emergency Medicine, MSF Physician, ORNGE Physician

  • Transport Medicine

  • Pediatrics

  • Global Health

Dr. Damian MacDonald

Emergency Medicine, PTM Physician Specialist, Military Medical Officer

  • Military Medicine

  • Remote/Austere Environments

Dr. Amanda Collier

Emergency Medicine, Global Health Physician Specialist

  • Global Health

Pascale St-Louis

Intensive Care Nurse, PHAC Emergency Preparedness and Response Capability Development Unit

  • Emergency Management

  • Federal

Patrick Auger

ORNGE Critical Care Paramedic, EMAT Incident Commander

  • Critical Care Paramedicine

  • Disaster Medicine


  • Administration

Dr. Christopher Denny

Emergency Physician, Medical Director (Auckland Helicopter Emergency Medical Services), Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine, Msc Epidemiology

  • HEMS

  • Epidemiology

Shannon Leduc

Ottawa Paramedic Service Paramedic

Commander, Clinical Programs

  • Paramedic practice

  • Masters Epidemiology

  • Administration

  • Paramedic Education