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International graduates without Canadian legal status

How to apply to PGME programs offered by uOttawa as a graduate from an International Medical School outside North America without Canadian Legal Status.

In order to train in Ontario, an international medical graduate must be officially sponsored by a funding source from their country of origin. Acceptable funding sources are strictly limited to government agencies or health-related charitable organizations. Private or personal funds are neither acceptable nor permissible. Before any applicants can be accepted by our programs, the sponsor must sign a formal agreement with the University of Ottawa. The agreement provides both parties with clear, written arrangements for training residents and fellows at the University of Ottawa. By and large, the agreement stipulates that sponsors:

  • agree to financially support their trainees to the completion of their residency or fellowship program.
  • agree to pay, for each of their trainees, the annual training fee of $100,000 CAD per year as well as provide them with a salary and benefits. The salary and benefits for residents must be equivalent to the PARO-CAHO Agreement.
  • guarantee a position to their trainees once they return to their country of origin upon completion of training.

Since each agreement is valid for a period of six years, the University of Ottawa will be able to consider any sponsored applications for the duration of the agreement. Please note that signing the agreement does not guarantee that programs will offer a position to the applicants. 

Note: For fellowship positions only, funding may be available through a hospital here in Ottawa; therefore, sponsorship would not be mandatory.

To ensure you don't miss any important steps, please take the time to watch this short video explaining how to apply.