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Department of Surgery

The vision of the Department of Surgery is to provide leading surgical care through our innovative, inclusive and collaborative academic programs in quality improvement, research, education and wellness.
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  • Call for nominations is now open: More info

  • WE Collins Award for Best Research Presentation - Dr. Tori Lenet - Defining appropriate intraoperative patient blood management strategies in non-cardiac surgery: The Ottawa Intraoperative Transfusion Consensus
  • Graeme Barber Award for Best Clinical Research Presentation – Dr. Julian Wang - Capacitive coupling in electrosurgery causes current loss with pinch burning
  • John P Collins Award for Best Translational Research Presentation - Dr. Ryan Sandarage - Human spinal cord stem cells exhibit reduced oligodendrogenesis compared to rodents
  • Best Education Research Presentation - Dr. Rajajee Selvam - Planetary Health Education For Residents – An Integrative Approach Through Quality Improvement
  • Best Quality Improvement Research Presentation - Dr. Hilalion (San) Ahn - A scoping review: should tap water instead of sterile water be used for endoscopy of the colon and rectum?
  • Medical Student -Kameela Alibhai - ‘Why didn’t you call me?’: Factors junior learners consider when deciding whether to call their supervisor
  • Best Posters
    • Dr. Jeremy (King Hei) Lee - Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in underrepresented in medicine (URiM) residents: where are we and what now?
    • Dr. Jacob Hardy - Retrospective evaluation of outcomes of patients with closed phalangeal or metacarpal fractures treated with permanent hardware fixation in an ambulatory clinic setting
    • Dr. Diego Daniel Pereira - Assessing the quality of reporting on quality improvement initiatives in plastic surgery – A systematic review
  • 2022 Wolves’ Den Grant went to Dr. Simon Garceau for Routine Psycho-Periprosthetic Joint Infection Care: A Multidisciplinary Care Model.
  • The 2022 Researcher of the Year was Dr. George Grammatopoulos.
  • Dr. Donna Maziak was named Research Mentor of the Year.
  • David Yachnin (Urology) was named Research Personnel of the Year.

•    Is oncoplastic breast surgery a better alternative to mastectomy with immediate reconstruction? A prospective cohort study comparing the clinical and patient-reported outcomes – Dr. Jing Zhang
•    Virtual Reality 3D modelling of complex sarcomas for enhanced surgical planning and patient experience – Dr. Joel Werier
•    Revisiting Value and Efficacy (REVIVE) A Quality Improvement Initiative in Arthroscopic Cuff Repair – Dr. Peter Lapner

•    The concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in trauma training programs in Canada: A qualitative study – Dr. Nada Gawad
•    Phase 2 trial evaluating a novel fractionated CO2 laser in the treatment of chronic phase Peyronie’s disease. – Dr. Luke Witherspoon

•    Optimizing Post-Operative Recovery: A Quality Improvement Program for Same Day Discharge After Pulmonary Wedge Resections – Dr. James Villeneuve
•    Investigating the feasibility of utilizing bacteriophages as a novel diagnostic platform for the rapid detection of slow growing organisms causing implant-associated infections – Dr. Hesham Abdelbary

•    Comparison of BioLIFT vs LIFT for the treatment of trans-sphincteric anal fistula: a systematic review and meta-analysis – Dr. Richard Hu
•    Surgeon Variability in Oncologic and Patient Reported Outcomes in Radical Prostatectomy – Dr. Ameeta Nayak

  • Grand Rounds: May 26, 2023 - Thoracic Surgery

  • Grand Rounds: June 30, 2023 - Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Collins Day: May 24, 2024  (confirmed)

  • Collins Day: May 9, 2025 (confirmed)

About us

The Department of Surgery has eight academic divisions (including both adult and pediatric divisions of surgery), each with residency training and fellowship positions.

The Department of Surgery has made great strides in the development of minimally invasive techniques in all divisions, and are at the forefront of this movement in Canada.

In the current strategic plan, there are tremendous efforts toward quality and patient safety. The Ottawa Hospital is the first Health Sciences Centre in Canada to join the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) in its multispecialty, high-volume option.

We are also proud of our new training facility. The University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre (uOSSC) is a partnership of The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. It is the largest centre in Canada (22,000 sq. feet) and one of the largest in North America. The uOSSC will enhance patient safety by improving the education opportunities for surgeons and forming best clinical practice through innovative research. The Centre has a superb complement of PhD educators and researchers along with many Faculty members with a Master’s in Education background to oversee the rapid development of its activities.

In 2019, the academic department adopted new vision and mission statements, as follows:

We deliver outstanding and compassionate surgical care by:

  • Striving for continuous quality of care improvements

  • Empowering surgeon researchers, educators & administrators

  • Providing exceptional educational programs

  • Pursuing ongoing professional development & technical mastery

  • Inspiring wellness & balance

  • Respect

  • Commitments to Quality & Teamwork

  • Compassion

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Department of Surgery

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