The principal objective of the Surgery Undergraduate Education Program at the University of Ottawa is the progressive development of the students’ clinical competence by experiencing and participating in the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative care of surgical patients.

The rotation is meant to enhance the students’ basic medical education by exposure to surgical physiology, surgical pathology, clinical anatomy, and operative techniques from a variety of surgical specialties.

Exposure to clinical surgery permits the student to appreciate the integration of basic and clinical sciences, and develop a pathophysiological approach to understanding the clinical presentation of a disease process. The emphasis of the rotation will be on the acquisition and analysis of clinical information and the development of an approach to managing clinical problems. Students will also be exposed to, and acquire basic surgical techniques that will complement their medical training.

During the 6-week Clinical Surgery Clerkship in 3rd year and mandatory 2-week selective in 4th year, studentswill:

  • partake in daily patient care
  • function as an integral member of a surgical team led by a senior resident and staff preceptor
  • perform supervised consultations and procedures
  • participate in on-call activities
  • assist actively in the operating room, ward duties, and ambulatory clinics
  • engage in on-going educational activities in the Department of Surgery
  • be evaluated and given feedback regularly
  • maintain a high standard of ethical and professional behaviour at all times

The option of Distributed Medical Education (DME) sites allows students to experience their surgical training in a community based setting under direct preceptor supervision. They remain engaged in all academic activities through our advanced web-based communications technologies.