The Department of Surgery funds research via an annual grant competition. Grants are available to fund faculty research programs, as well as pilot studies, junior faculty research, and resident research projects.

Important message about all Department of Surgery grant competitions

The same project should not be submitted to multiple competitions in the same year.
Only one award will be made per person (when submitting to multiple competitions closing at the same time).
For each individual competition, there is a one-year embargo after a successful application.
Select the most appropriate competition for your career stage and project type.
Scroll down for grants available and a list of previous winners.

Junior Faculty Research Grants (JFRG)

Big Data Grants (BDG)

In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa, the Department of Surgery is pleased to announce the competition for the Big Data Grants.

Note: Faculty members may submit to multiple competitions, but only one the project/program will be awarded annually to each member.

Surgical Seed Grants (SSG)

In partnership with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa, the Department of Surgery is pleased to announce the competition for the Surgical Seed Grants.

Note: Faculty members may submit to multiple competitions, but only one grant will be awarded per faculty member annually. 

Medical Summer Student (MSS): Matching Funds for PI

  • Coordinated with the FoM Medical Summer Student Program
  • Details (including amount) will be provided subsequent to FoM Annual Call for Proposals / Applications
  • Matching funds will be available on a competitive basis
  • Live grant competition held at the annual DoS Research Half Day ($20k).
  • Pre-competition Deadline:  November 1 at 23:59 annually
  • Submit Wolves' Den Proposal OPEN

FoM Translational Research Grants

including DoS and FoM Basic Science Departments
  • Funding for collaborative projects between clinical and basic scientists ($50k)
  • Managed through the Faculty of Medicine (contact the Research Office - Faculty of Medicine <[email protected]>)

Local sources for research funding outside of the Department of Surgery (i.e., from uOttawa, TOH. TOHAMO, etc)

List of external funding agencies

DoS Grant Winners

Scroll to view the previous winners of DoS Research Program Awards (RPA), Junior Faculty Research Grants (JFRG), Wolves' Den Grants (WD), Resident Research Grants (RRG), Big Data Grant (BDG), and Surgical Seed Grants (SSG).

Since 2017:

Year DoS Grant Type Awardee Grant Title
2023 RPA Zhang, Jing Is oncoplastic breast surgery a better alternative to mastectomy with immediate reconstruction? A prospective cohort study comparing the clinical and patient-reported outcomes
2023 RPA Werier, Joel Virtual Reality 3D modelling of complex sarcomas for enhanced surgical planning and patient experience
2023 RPA Lapner, Peter Revisiting Value and Efficacy (REVIVE) A Quality Improvement Initiative in Arthroscopic Cuff Repair
2023 JFRG Gawad, Nada The concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in trauma training programs in Canada: A qualitative study
2023 JFRG Witherspoon, Luke Phase 2 trial evaluating a novel fractionated CO2 laser in the treatment of chronic phase Peyronie’s disease
2023 SSG Villeneuve, James Optimizing Post-Operative Recovery: A Quality Improvement Program for Same Day Discharge After Pulmonary Wedge Resections
2023 SSG Abdelbary, Hesham Investigating the feasibility of utilizing bacteriophages as a novel diagnostic platform for the rapid detection of slow growing organisms causing implant-associated infections
2023 RRG Hu, Richard Comparison of BioLIFT vs LIFT for the treatment of trans-sphincteric anal fistula: a systematic review and meta-analysis
2023 RRG Nayak, Ameeta Surgeon Variability in Oncologic and Patient Reported Outcomes in Radical Prostatectomy
2022 WD Garceau, Simon Routine Psycho-Periprosthetic Joint Infection Care: A Multidisciplinary Care Model
2022 RPA Martel, Guillaume Generating an evidence base for the transfusion of red blood cells in non-cardiac surgery
2022 RPA Abdelbary, Hesham A Single-surgery Multipurpose AntimicRobial implanT (SMART) design to treat periprosthetic joint infections
2022 RPA Grammatopoulos, George Cellular and molecular characterization of the aging- and arthritic- hip’s intra-articular adipose tissue
2022 BDG Seely, Andrew Long Term Outcomes and Costs Secondary to Postoperative Adverse Events after Thoracic Surgery
2022 BDG Arnaout, Angel The influence of Covid19 on virtual cancer care: What’s the impact on patient outcomes, equity and health system costs in Ontario?
2022 SSG Smit, Kevin The use of modern smart phones to detect and monitor scoliosis in adolescents
2022 SSG Malic, Claudia Effective and Evidence based Recovery After Surgery: An Efficient, Safe and Patient-centric approach (EERAS-ESP)
2022 JFRG Rekman, Janelle What is the impact of shared care surgical practices on trainee education? A phenomenological qualitative study
2022 JFRG Pickell, Michael Thickening of the zone of calcified cartilage interfacing articular cartilage and subchondral bone during osteoarthritis
2022 RRG Lenet, Tori A Delphi survey to generate consensus among international experts on elements of an intraoperative transfusion protocol
2022 RRG Khazoom, Francois Effectiveness of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in the Diagnosis of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
2021 WD Wilkin, Geoffrey Bacteriophage therapy to improve the treatment of Fracture-Related Infection - Send in the Viruses!
2021 RPA Arnaout, Angel A Phase II Randomized Trial Evaluating Clinical and Biological effects of INT230-6 in Early Stage Breast Cancer
2021 RPA Papp, Steven Hip fracture Patient and the use of IndwElling vs IntermittEnt catheterization pilot study (PEE Study)
2021 RPA Chan, Vincent REvascularization and Valve intervention for Ischemic Valve disease - REVIVE Trial
2021 JFRG Atassi, Talal Hemiarch vs. Extended arch in Aortic Dissection – a SystemaTic Analysis by Randomized Trial (HEADSTART)
2021 JFRG Roberts, Derek Designing a Canadian Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Use of Neuraxial and General Anesthesia for Lower Limb Revascularization Surgery
2021 RRG Lamb, Tyler Impact of Race and Socioeconomic Status on Time to Intervention in Patients with Traumatic Hemorrhage
2021 RRG Strauss, Shira Optimizing Risk Factor Management for Vascular Surgery Patients through an Automated Referral Program to the Vascular Risk Factor Clinic: A Quality Improvement Initiative
2020 RRG Gawad, Nada My On Call (MOC) Pager App: Managing pages safely
2020 RRG Ojaghi, Reza Effects of Adductor Canal Block Injection Location on the Effectiveness of Regional Anesthesia: A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effect on Postoperative Analgesia and Motor Power
2020 JFRG Lavallée, Luke A research program to improve quality of care for patients with bladder cancer
2020 JFRG Pickell, Mike Changes in the zone of calcified cartilage interfacing articular cartilage and subchondral bone during osteoarthritis
2020 RPA Abdelbary, Hesham Harnessing unique antibiofilm properties of bacteriophage to augment antibiotic therapy in implant associated infections
2020 RPA Carsen, Sasha Adolescent ACL: Development of a clinical prediction rule in order to optimize post-operative recovery and avoid re-injury
2020 RPA Sachs, Adam Restoring function with thought: Augmenting neuroprosthetic performance in the severely disabled with cognitive brain signals and deep learning
2020 WD Grammatopoulos, George Intra-Articular Adipose Tissue:  biomarker and therapeutic target for arthritic hip joints
2019 TRG Abdelbary, Hesham se of a Novel, Clinically Representative Hip Replacement Rat Model to Asses Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm-based Periprosthetic Joint Infections
2019 TRG Grau, Juan Analysis of Human Tissues to Identify Specific Cellular Resistance to Atherosclerosis: A Translational Research Approach
2019 TRG Nessim, Carolyn Building a cell atlas of human sarcoma through single-cell-RNA-sequencing
2019 WD Alkherayf, Fahad Intraoperative continuous flash visual evoked potentials monitoring during minimally invasive endoscopic skull base surgery, a novel approach to improve patient outcome
2019 RPA Gilbert, Sebastien Enhancing quality of care for patients who require chest tube drainage through design, implementation, and validation of an artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support system
2019 RPA Breau, Rodney The impact of adjuvant androgen deprivation following radical prostatectomy on prostate cancer recurrence
2019 RPA Lapner, Peter Approach to Management of the Retroverted Glenoid in Shoulder Arthroplasty: A Pilot Randomized Control Trial
2019 JFRG Musselman, Reilly Management and outcomes of colon and rectal cancer in elderly patients in Ontario
2019 JFRG Smit, Kevin Is Spinal Motion Preserved Following Vertebral Body Tethering for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis?
2018 WD Abdelbary, Hesham Using a novel 3D printed titanium hip replacement rat model to anatomically map biofilm formation in surrounding tissues of a periprosthetic joint infection
2018 RPA Lavallée, Luke A new research program to prevent perioperative venous thromboembolism (VTE) and reduce variability in care in cancer surgery
2018 RPA Boodhwani, Munir Treatment In Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm: Surgery versus. Surveillance (TITAN: SvS)
2018 RPA Tsai, Eve Translational Human Tissue Research Program
2018 JFRG Carsen, Sasha Functional capacity of the knee joint before and after surgery in pediatric males and females after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury: Optimizing recovery, preventing re-injury
2018 JFRG Alkherayf, Fahad Comparison of the effects seen with early exercise intervention versus late exercise intervention on pain and neurodynamic mobility following unilateral lumbar microdiscectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial
2017 WD Werier, Joel The development and feasibility of a Virtual Multidisciplinary Cancer Conference (vMCC) for metastatic bone disease to improve quality of care across the Champlain LHIN
2017 RPA Villeneuve, Patrick James Clinical and molecular determinants that predict prognosis in lung cancer
2017 RPA Hickling, Duane Use of antimicrobial peptides against UTI
2017 RPA Auer, Rebecca  Perioperative strategies to improve cancer outcomes
2017 RPA Arnaout, Angel Perioperative strategies to improve cancer outcomes
2017 RPA Nasr, Ahmed Pediatric Surgery - Advancing evidence-based practice with shared decision making
2017 RPA Breau, Rodney Lysine analogues during cancer surgery
2017 RPA Martel, Guillaume Research program to minimize preventable & inappropriate blood product transfusions in liver surgery