The Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, oversees the MD and MD/PhD programs and all the associated subprograms of undergraduate medical education. A team of senior academic and administrative leaders is responsible for the management of the MD and MD/PhD programs, while MD Program Leadership is supported by a robust committee structure that includes active participation by student leaders.

Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education

A member of our faculty since 2007, Dr. Chaput has been actively involved in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. From 2007 to 2012, he was the content expert for the pharmacology and therapeutics components of the MD program and was a member of UGME’s Distinguished Teacher Program, committing hundreds of hours to dedicated undergraduate teaching. Through the course of his undergraduate teaching he was considered among the top five percent of evaluated faculty for teaching excellence. He became Assistant Dean, PGME in 2012, and carried on in that role until now, serving a total of 10 years in that capacity. He has overseen PGME and residency program level accreditation, has supported the approval of several new Royal College accredited fellowship programs, has been responsible for the development and oversight of remedial programs to support trainees in difficulty, and has led the implementation of Competency by Design.

Additionally, Dr. Chaput served as the Vice-Chair of Education in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine from 2014 to 2016. In 2014, he began working as an educator with the Royal College International (RCI), where he played a role in introducing the CanMEDS competency framework on a global scale, and in 2018 he became the Regional Director for Kuwait with RCI where he oversees examinations, accreditation and faculty development activities.

Dr. Chaput is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and is a practicing anesthesiologist with The Ottawa Hospital. He has received many teaching awards from medical students and residents and was presented with the Certificate of Merit Award from the Canadian Association for Medical Education for his work on the undergraduate curriculum. Dr. Chaput brings a reputation for strong leadership, solid judgment, and professionalism to the Faculty.

Image of Dr. Alan Chaput

MD Program Leadership

Vice-dean Faculty of Medicine - Alan Chaput, MD

  • Admissions

    • Assistant Dean / Admissions  - Geneviève Lemay, MD

  • Student Affairs

    • Assistant Dean  / Student Affairs -  Kay-Anne Haykal, MD

  • Academic Affairs

    • Assistant Dean / Academic Affairs - Buu Khanh Lam, MD

  • Special Programs

    • Director Indigenous Program -  Darlene Kitty, MD

    • Interim Director of Distributed Medical Education - Marianne Yeung, MD

  • Curriculum Design & Development

    • Curriculum Director - Craig Campbell, MD

    • Director Social Medicine - Laura Muldoon, MD

    • Director Curriculum Renewal - Craig Campbell, MD

    • Director Competency-based Medical Education - Isabelle Desjardins, MD

    • Director Program Evaluation - To be determined

  • Curricular Implementation and Management 

    • Preclerkship Co-Director – Anglophone Stream - Amy Nakajima, MD

    • Preclerkship Co-Director – Francophone Stream - Isabelle Burnier, MD

    • Co-Director of Clinical Skills – Anglophone Stream -  Barbara Power, MD

    • Co-Director of Clinical Skills – Francophone Stream - Isabelle Burnier, MD

    • Clerkship Co-Director – Anglophone Stream - Mark Zucker, MD

    • Clerkship Co-Director – Francophone Stream - Michelle Anawati, MD

    • Director of Electives - Margaret Wilson, MD

  • Student Assessment & Faculty Evaluation

    • Director Student Assessment & Faculty Evaluation - Tim Wood, PhD

  • Accreditation

    • Director of Accreditation - Ken Marshall, PhD

Leadership Roles and Responsibilities