Explore the unique advantages of our Faculty.

A world-renowned university

In 2022, the University of Ottawa ranked among the top 50 research universities in Canada. Our 8th position in medical research is a testament to our commitment in this field. Furthermore, the exceptional growth in our research revenues, an increase of $50 million in one year, is the result of our dedication to innovation.

An institution characterized by excellence

Our medical program received an exceptional rating in the last accreditation process. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to the quality of medical education we provide. Our students are therefore receiving state-of-the-art training that meets the highest standards.

Multiple pathways

Inclusiveness is a priority for us. Diversity in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa includes multiple pathways to the MD Program. Our program reflects the community we serve. Therefore, to better meet the specific needs of this diverse population, we are admitting more regional candidates.

Two learning streams: Francophone and Anglophone

Our undergraduate medical program offers a unique opportunity to study medicine in English or French in a dynamic bilingual environment. Students in both streams work closely together during their rotations and through extracurricular activities and community projects, fostering a rich and diverse experience.

Solid training integrating case-based learning and self-directed learning

In the first week of medical school, our students immerse themselves in the professional world and learn from patients, whether in hospitals, communities, rural or international settings. Training includes clinical rotations in all major departments: surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, internal medicine, emergency medicine, anesthesiology and family medicine. Furthermore, some of our faculty are amongst the most distinguished experts in Canada and around the world.

An innovative MD/PhD Program

Earning two prestigious degrees – an MD and a PhD – in just 7 years is possible! Our innovative approach combines undergraduate medical training with doctoral studies in cutting-edge fields such as biochemistry, biology, cell and molecular medicine, human and molecular genetics, microbiology, immunology or neuroscience. This integrated program pushes the boundaries of medicine and research.

Access to leading healthcare facilities

Our faculty has partnerships and affiliations with more than 12 prominent medical institutions, including the 5 teaching hospitals in Ottawa and their research institutes (The Ottawa Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Montfort Hospital, The Royal and Bruyère) — leaders in health care. In addition, our faculty is home to one of the most comprehensive medical simulation centres in North America, the University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre, propelling our students towards excellence in medical education.

Student Mental Health and Wellness

We understand that mental health is a critical component of academic success. That is why our medical students have privileged access to mental health support and career counselling. The Student Affairs Office supports students in their well-being throughout their studies.