Awards by the University - Administrative Staff

Recipients of awards given by the University to Faculty of Social Sciences administrative staff.

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President’s Award for Service Excellence, 2016

Given to Sylvain Léonard, Senior Systems Manager
As the Senior Systems Manager for the Faculty of Social Sciences, Sylvain Léonard has shown great leadership since started to work for the Faculty. In charge of many complex projects, he leads them head on with dynamism, professionalism and diligence.
Over the past year, Sylvain has put his leadership and team leader skills to work to build a strong team spirit within his industry. He has a positive effect on his colleagues which calms them and reassures them in the face of the complexities of the tasks that fall to them. He is a valuable asset for the Faculty, both in terms of technical skills, vision and humanity. His sense of altruism is an example of service excellence to follow!
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President’s Award for Service Excellence, 2015

Given to Sophie LeTouzé, Research Development Manager.
As the Research Development Manager for the Faculty of Social Sciences since 2009, Sophie LeTouzé plays a strategic role at the Office of the Vice-Dean of Research. Right-hand woman for the Vice-Dean of Research, Sophie ensures the development and implementation of the research vision at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She serves as a source of advice to 277 researchers for matters related to seeking out and obtaining funding; and helps showcase the impact of social science research.
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President's Award - Team Category - Faculty, 2014

Given to France Prud'Homme, Nancy Pelletier and Daniela Gutierrez de Pineres
The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA)'s team received the President's Award for Service Excellence - Team Award. This team consistently delivers superior and exceptional client service. These employees demonstrate creativity and initiative in the way they respond to their clients' needs.
This fantastic team is also known for their insatiable desire to improve the student experience. Whether it is managing networking events or organizing placements and exchanges, this trio consistently goes above and beyond the job at hand to provide GSPIA students with the tools they need to attain academic success. Their thorough knowledge of the GSPIA as well as their effective problem-solving skills only scratch the surface as to why this team is deserving of the prize.
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Award for Service Excellence

Given to Gaetan Schnob, Computer Consultant and Analyst, 2006.
In the School of Psychology, computer technician Gaétan Schnob, is truly considered a jack of all trades by professors, other staff members and students. His skills go well beyond helping people out of computer jams. His ingenuity is well known to the School. From prolonging the life of old but unique instruments, to creating tools to help researcher and students conduct their research, to repairing machines used in evaluating test results, “it is a point of pride for Gaétan to understand everyone’s needs,” points out Catherine Plowright, director of the doctorate program in experimental psychology.
Professor Plowright recalls how Schnob constructed a complex labyrinth and unique artificial flowers connected to an electrical system – all to support research in bumblebee behaviour. Schnob “allowed many students to continue their projects while avoiding additional costs and delays in their thesis research,” points out Claude Messier, assistant director of the School of Psychology.