The bylaws of the Faculty of Social Sciences outline the governance of the faculty.

Executive Committee


In accordance with Article 160 of University Government, the role of the Executive Committee includes:

  • to review the agenda prepared by the Dean for Faculty Council meetings, propose any additional items, for example regarding reports submitted by permanent committees of Faculty Council;
  • in collaboration with the Dean, to work to establish annual budget priorities and projections in keeping with the Faculty's academic development plan;
  • in collaboration with the Dean, to develop the Faculty's fund raising campaigns;
  • in collaboration with the Dean, to prepare strategic planning documents or other official documents prior to submission to Faculty Council;
  • to evaluate program changes proposed at all three levels (undergraduate, Master's and Ph.D.), assess the financial and other implications, and formulate recommendations to Faculty Council or other relevant bodies;
  • approve the annual report submitted by the Dean to Faculty Council for verification and comments;
  • to use extraordinary powers to take decisions for Faculty Council in emergency situations when Council cannot meet, it being understood that any decision made under such circumstances must be ratified by Council;
  • to submit to Faculty Council for information and comments, the agendas and minutes of Executive Committee meetings;
  • any other related duties which are assigned to it by the Dean or by Faculty Council

Meeting Location

Faculty of Social Sciences
120 University
Social Sciences Building
Room 4006
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1N 6N5