The bylaws of the Faculty of Social Sciences outline the governance of the faculty.

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee ensures that program quality meets the standards set by the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies. Specifically, the Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Council on the following:

  • admission requirements for the Faculty's graduate programs;   
  • structure, content and learning objectives of graduate programs;
  • admission requirements, structure, content, and learning objectives of the interdisciplinary programs in which the Faculty takes part; 
  • creation of graduate programs;
  • implementation of policies that promote academic success and enhance students' university experience;  
  • program changes;
  • course creation – including courses introduced after unit self-assessment reports as well as those launched for interdisciplinary programs in which the Faculty takes part;
  • internationalizing graduate programs and developing opportunities for student mobility;
  • together with the Vice-Dean, Research, introduce policies for graduate students to receive proper financial assistance.

The Graduate Studies Committee consists of the following members:

  • Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Secretary, who also acts as chair;
  • Vice-Dean, Research, who acts as vice-chair;
  • a professor from each unit (a graduate supervisor or designated representative) for a term of two years;
  • a professor (a graduate supervisor or designated representative) from the International Development and Globalization program for a term of two years;
  • one (1) student member enrolled in a graduate studies program of the Faculty, elected by the Faculty Council at its October meeting;
  • Graduate Studies Academic Administrator (non-voting member).