What is an undergraduate micro-credit?

Micro-credits are hands-on, educational courses or workshops, of a "selected topic" nature, with subtitles that vary depending on the nature of the workshop offered. The intensive nature of the workshops offered encourages practical, experiential learning, the benefits of which can be put to immediate use in the participants' future endeavours. Micro-credits are intended for students enrolled in a University of Ottawa program or for professionals interested in micro-credit topics.

Micro-credits are worth either 1 course unit or 1.5 course unit depending on the nature of the experiential learning commitment. Students can earn up to 3 micro-credits or the equivalent of 3 course units which will count in the program requirements as an elective course.

To receive the equivalent of a full course unit (worth a regular course of 3 course units), students must complete:

  • 2 micro-credits worth 1.5 course unit each, for a total of 3 course units.
  • 18 contact hours for each micro-credit worth 1.5 course unit.
  • an evaluation, per micro-credit, equivalent to a reflective report of a minimum 500 words and a minimum of 5 references.

Details about micro-credits:

  • Micro-credits are available to students who have already completed at least 24 university course units.
  • Micro-credits count toward elective course units only.
  • Some micro-credits do not have a schedule. Micro-credits are usually offered on a condensed weekend or can also be offered through longer courses (for example, during a week at 2.5 hours per day).

If you have any questions, please contact our office at [email protected].


  • A student can register several times for the same course code, as long as the subtitle, and therefore the subject of the course, differs from one time to the next. A student will thus be able to follow several different workshops during their academic career.
  • Students already admitted to a University of Ottawa program can select a micro-credit when registering for courses.
  • Individuals interested in micro-credit who are not previously admitted to a University of Ottawa program must apply via the Professional Development Institute

FSS Micro-credits course codes

12 hours of contact (1 course unit)18 hours of contact (1.5 course unit)
FSS 3301/3701FSS 3302/3702
FSS 4301/4701FSS 4302/4702

Micro-credits offered in 2023-2024