Establishing helping relations with others

You have chosen “I'm interested in establishing helping relations with others”

Step 2 : Which of the profiles below best matches your interests and aptitudes?

Profile 1

I'm interested in:

  • contemporary social problems
  • issues surrounding poverty, inequality and marginalization
  • the fate of others and supporting or assisting others
  • social policies

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Profile 2

I'm interested in:

  • the fate of others
  • supporting or assisting others
  • the art of listening and empathizing
  • research methods (and have an aptitude for them)

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Profile 3

I'm interested in:

  • other people and supporting or assisting others
  • contemporary social problems
  • the elderly
  • demographic issues and the challenges of aging

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Profile 4

I'm interested in:

  • societal issues
  • issues surrounding deviance and delinquency
  • legal issues surrounding "crime"
  • research methods 

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