Living standards: Our economic future and society’s well-being

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Profile 1

I'm interested in:

  • how governments work
  • the role of government in societies
  • relationships between the state, society, and markets
  • the dimensions of public management
  • dynamics in the policy-making process
  • understanding why certain policies emerge in some places and don’t in others

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Profile 2

I'm interested in:

  • how governments, businesses and individuals respond to incentives
  • supply and demand of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services
  • how to best use limited resources
  • how countries’ resources fulfil the needs of their citizens
  • proposing economic and political solutions that could improve society’s well-being

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Profile 3

I'm interested in:

  • issues of inequality, wealth, cost of living, cost of goods and services, and taxes
  • proposing economic and political solutions that could improve society’s well-being
  • how governments deliver essential services like health care and education
  • government spending and tax policy
  • policy development

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Profile 4

I'm interested in:

  • economic factors affecting international development
  • effects of globalization on individuals, industries and the public sector
  • other cultures and international policy
  • steps and challenges in national development
  • national inequalities in development

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Profile 5

I’m interested in:

  • effective ways to fight climate change and protect the environment
  • the relationship between the economy and the environment
  • providing a good standard of living for people while preserving the natural environment
  • government policies to achieve sustainability

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