You have chosen “I'm interested in national and international politics.”

Step 2 : Which of the profiles below best matches your interests and aptitudes?

Profile 1

I'm interested in:

  • international affairs and events
  • effects of globalization
  • global phenomena
  • history, political studies and the economy

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Profile 2

I'm interested in:

  • local, national or international affairs and events
  • global governance and relations between countries
  • democracy, other modes of government and political participation
  • power, protest and resistance
  • identity, diversity, inclusion, ethics and social justice
  • developing my skills in critical thinking and analysis

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Profile 3

I'm interested in:

  • international affairs and events
  • the effects of globalization
  • global or world-wide phenomena
  • history, political studies and the economy

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Profile 4

I'm interested in:

  • social justice, equity, anti-racism and gender equality
  • causes and consequences of poverty and inequality globally
  • theory, policy and practice of international development, foreign aid and global studies
  • critical inquiry combined with cross-cultural and experiential learning opportunities
  • understanding global trends and challenges (climate and environmental change, social movements and advocacy, migration, conflict and peace processes, etc.)

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Profile 5

I'm interested in:

  • historical and contemporary causes of armed conflict
  • political mobilizations around protecting human rights
  • the impact of colonial structures on current conflicts and failures to protect rights
  • the role of non-governmental organizations in conflicts and human rights protections
  • understanding the interactions between human rights, war, peace, migration, international law, and security

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