You have chosen “I’m interested in the study of society itself and of life in society.”

Step 2 : Which of the profiles below best matches your interests and aptitudes?

Profile 1

I'm interested in:

  • interdisciplinary understanding of the social sciences
  • social innovation
  • social justice 
  • long term goals in law, education, business, etc.

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Profile 2

I'm interested in:

  • the organization of societies 
  • individual behaviours within society
  • cultural, political, and economic dynamics
  • the factors of social change
  • the ways technological inventions affect social relationships
  • contemporary issues such as individual identity, inequality, globalization, technological change, social justice and social diversity, immigration and social conflict.

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Profile 3

I'm interested in:

  • understanding the human experience
  • contemporary social problems posed by globalization, environmental change, poverty and development, migration, and new technologies
  • cultural change and Intercultural relationships
  • human and non-human relationships
  • developing cultural awareness skills and cultural sensitivity
  • immersive learning experiences

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Profile 4

I'm interested in:

  • power relations, inequality, and intersecting forms of discrimination
  • social relationships with gender, race, indigeneity, sexuality, class, disability and nationality
  • construction of gender, class, race, sexuality, and disability justice in society
  • social activism and public policy 

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Profile 5

I'm interested in:

  • various social science disciplines
  • health issues
  • history, political studies and the economy

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Profile 6

I'm interested in:

  • societal issues
  • issues surrounding deviance and delinquency
  • legal issues surrounding "crime"
  • research methods

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