Another successful funding drive!

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

By Johanne Adam

Once again, University staff showed how very generous they are during the most recent Employee Giving campaign, which ran from March 1 to April 19. Over 1,350 people chose to support a cause that means something to them, by donating to one of 346 funds aimed at supporting our students.

If the campaign was so fruitful, it was also due to the participation of 120 volunteers who were able to highlight the many advantages of a funding drive focused specifically on improving the student experience on campus.

This was the sixth campaign for the Employee Giving program, one of the rare University initiatives that encourages participation from service and faculty staff.  “Each year, the total amount of donations has grown exponentially, which makes us think that our donors are becoming more and more generous,” says Suzanne Bray, manager, Employee Giving and Parent Program.

A perfect score

Some campus units outdid themselves this year. This was the case for the International Office, the Development Office and the Michaëlle-Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement, which all achieved a 100% participation rate!

Other sections greatly increased their participation:

  • CO-OP program: 76% vs. 19% in 2012
  • Office of the Vice-President, Governance: 47% vs. 5% in 2012
  • Faculty of Medicine: 32% vs. 7% in 2012
  • Faculty of Education: 32% vs. 9% in 2012
  • Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section: 44% vs. 28% in 2012


Thank you to all our donors for a successful funding drive!

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