Campus Station shutdown: check your routes

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2016

Aerial image of Campus Station and the pedestrian tunnel.

The pedestrian and cycling underpass, a major east-west pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, will be closed from May 2 to August 22, 2016. Photo: Robert Lacombe.

By Mike Foster

One last information blitz is underway to make sure that University of Ottawa OC Transpo users are fully prepared when the Transitway bus lane between Laurier Avenue and Lees station closes on April 24, 2016, effectively shutting down Campus station for two years.

University of Ottawa and OC Transpo officials are advising students to plan their trips to the main campus by using the OC Transpo travel planner, and to check regular updates on the University’s Facilities website. Students can also sign up to receive OC Transpo live transit updates.

The Campus Station pedestrian tunnel underneath the Transitway will also be closed from May 2 to August 22, 2016. The City of Ottawa, which owns the site, is advising pedestrians and cyclists to use alternative routes, such as the Colonel By Drive Pathway and Laurier Avenue, and to allow themselves extra time to reach the campus.

Map that shows three alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists around Colonel By Drive, Laurier Avenue and Nicholas Street, Greenfield Avenue and King Edward Avenue.

Alternative routes for pedestrians and cyclists when the tunnel closes.

Buses are currently broadcasting messages and displaying signs about the altered routes. OC Transpo staff visited more than 500 classrooms on campus during the week of April 4 to 8. They will also board buses at Laurier station on exam days between April 24 and April 27 to let students know that this is the last stop for uOttawa.

Students are also being warned to be extra careful, given the changes in their travel patterns and routines. Laurier Avenue and King Edward Avenue in particular are expected to see an increase in bus and pedestrian traffic.

As part of ongoing Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction, Campus station will close on April 24 and the Transitway between Laurier Avenue and Lees Station will be shut down until spring 2018.

It means that the University of Ottawa will be enduring some medium-term pain for long-term gain.

A map showing bus routes for the Number 85, 95 and 98 buses with Laurier, Mackenzie King and Lees stations

New bus paths through campus.

The good news is that once the LRT is up and running in May 2018, the University will be connected to the east and west ends of the city by high-speed transit, with two stops on the Confederation Line: at uOttawa (Campus) Station and Lees Station.

The downside is that during construction some uOttawa students could see their bus travel times increase by up to four minutes, and could have farther to walk to get to class. About 60% of University of Ottawa students rely on public transit.

Facilities posts regular updates, which currently include the following key points:

  • Campus station will be closed from April 24, 2016, to spring 2018
  • Students travelling to the main campus on buses should get off at Laurier station, and at King Edward Avenue and Templeton Street. There will also be a stop on Laurier at Cumberland for routes using King Edward
  • Most buses will use Nicholas Street instead of the Transitway, which could mean longer bus rides than normal, depending on traffic conditions
  • Afternoon trips on west-end express routes will start at the Mackenzie King Station (Rideau Centre)
  • Bus routes 95 and 98 will use King Edward Avenue to get to Lees Station
Map of uOttawa campus showing estimated 5-minute and 10-minute walking times from Laurier station.

Check how long it will take you to walk to class.

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