Digital whole slide scanning

The Core Facility has recently acquired the Zeiss Axio Scan.Z1 Slide Scanner which provides high quality, reproducible images using Zeiss' superior optics. Its features include:

  • Brightfield capabilities (i.e.H&E, IHC, and Special Stains)
  • Fluorescent capabilities (Fluorescent filters include DAPI, FITC, DsRed, Cy5 and Cy7)
  • High resolution scanning using either a 20X or 40X objective
  • Capable of scanning up to 100 slides

Please note the scanner uses the Zen software. Click here to download Zenlite to view your images.

How do I submit my slides for scanning?

All slide scan requests must be done through Infinity (Idea Elan), our online management system, and files will be transferred via Teams.

How do I prepare my slides for scanning?

  • For fluorescent scanning of slides with multiple sections, please circle each section with a sharpie before dropping off the slides for scanning
  • Slides should be dry and free of excess mounting media
  • Any broken or chipped slides will not be scanned
  • Slides with air bubbles or dried out mounting media must be re-coverslipped before scanning
  • Poorly stained slides or slides without a counterstain will not be of standard quality and may be rejected by the scanner
  • We do not accept slides with stickers on the labels