The Histology Core Facility is equipped with common equipment (for all users) and Core equipment (for staff only).

Common equipment

Registered users can use the designated common equipment after a mandatory introduction and training session. Please contact [email protected] to book a training session. Registered users can book the equipment through the Infinity software.

Common Equipment Room Number Model Number
Cryostats 2210 HM 525 NX
  3531 Leica CM 1850
  3531 Thermo Scientific HM 525 NX
Microtomes 2210 Leica RM 2135
  2210 HM 330

Cleaning protocol for common equipment rooms:

The Histology Core will provide paper towels and 100% ethanol for cleaning the cryostat interior chamber, and 70% ethanol for cleaning tools and surfaces.

All users should spray the chucks, sliding window and handwheel handle with 70% Ethanol before and after each use.

Guidelines will be posted on site, and checklists for equipment cleaning will be made available.

How long can I book the equipment for?

Equipment can only be booked up to 1 week in advance and for no longer than 3 days in a row.

What supplies do I need to use the equipment?

Users must supply their own blades and chucks (cryostat use) when sectioning. Everything else is supplied in the rooms.

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Infinity - Idea Elan

As of July 7th, 2021, the Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF) has transitioned to the Infinity Core Facility management software. The Infinity software will represent a change in the way users request services, schedule and access equipment and will streamline operations, billing and reporting.
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Core Equipment (Staff Only)

The Histology Core Facility is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Leica Bond III Immunostainer for Automated immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence and in situ hybridization staining
  • 2 LOGOs Microwave Hybrid Tissue Processors
  • 2 Leica Paraffin Embedding Stations
  • 4 Leica RM2255 Automated Microtomes
  • 2 Thermo Scientific Automated Cryostats
  • 2 Slide Label Printers for small (SlideMate AS) and large (Leica IPS Modular Histology Slide Printer) work orders
  • Leica IPC - Histology Modular Cassette Printer for labelling cassettes
  • Leica CV 5030 Automatic Stainer and Coverslipper for Routine and Special Stains
  • Milestone Histos 5 Rapid Microwave Histoprocessor for Antigen Retrieval
  • Axio Scan Z1 Slide Scanner for both Brightfield and Fluorescent stained slides
  • TMA Grand Master (3DHistech) for creation of TMA paraffin blocks

Contact us

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility

Roger Guindon Building, Room 4145 
451 Smyth Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 8M5
Lab Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 8332
[email protected]

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Ana Giassi

Operations Manager
Phone: 613-562-5800 ext.8338
[email protected]