As of July 7th, 2021, the Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF) has transitioned to the Infinity Core Facility management software. The Infinity software will represent a change in the way users request services, schedule and access equipment and will streamline operations, billing and reporting.

Quick Guide for Infinity Idea Elan

1. For New users (not a Principal Investigator (PI)):

  • Use the link below and follow the prompts to register for an account. This link will be used to login each time you use Infinity.
  • Select the Lab/PI to request access. (This is the lab of your supervisor). If your lab does not exist in the options, please contact [email protected] to proceed.
  • Select the Facility that you wish to request access (i.e., Louise Pelletier Histology Core Facility (LPHCF)
  • All facility access request from domain will be approved automatically. For all other internal users (such as OHRI, CHEO, TOH) and external users, the LPHCF will receive an email notification to approve your facility access request. Once approved, you should be able to submit service requests using our sample submission request forms and book instruments using the infinity scheduler.

Login Link:

2. New Users – PI only

  • If you are a new PI, and want to register your lab for our services, please contact [email protected].

Please note:

If you are already in the system, you are not required to make a new account for LPHCF. However, you need to request access to our facility.