The TMA Grand Master is a fully automated instrument that can easily and quickly create TMA paraffin blocks by extracting cylindrical tissue cores from different paraffin donor blocks and re-embedding these into a single recipient (microarray) block at defined array coordinates.

Tissue microarray (TMA)

TMAs are a valuable, high-throughput method for diagnostic and research purposes. By being able to place hundreds of different samples into one paraffin block, TMAs bring major economies in time, quality and costs of tissue preparation, slide preparation and staining. Our TMA Construction Service includes design and creation of customized paraffin recipient blocks, tissue core transfer and insertion, TMA block sectioning and TMA slide staining.

Tissue microarray service - FAQ

What core size is recommened for my project?

The number of cores and the size of the core needed ideally will represent the entire targeted tissue. The coring size that best preserves the original donor block is the 0.6 mm size with three or four replicates. Many pathologists prefer to use the 1 mm or 1.5 mm core in order to see more architecture of the tissue. It may be better to make 2 TMA’s with larger core sizes if needed than use too small a core size to get more samples on the slide.  

TMA core diameter on 30X27 block size
TMA core diameter on 30X27 block size