The Pre-Clinical Imaging Core (PCIC) is a state-of-the-art facility housed within the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, RGN building. You can find us in the Animal Care and Veterinary services facility area.

About PCIC

We provide end-to-end experimental solutions for animal studies requiring in vivo imaging, including consultations, research plan design, protocol development, data collection, analysis, and reporting.  

Through imaging techniques adopted from clinical practice, the PCIC supports the University of Ottawa research strategy and represents a unique intersection between basic science and translational clinical research. Imaging also provides an important opportunity for researchers to perform serial investigations in smaller cohorts of animals, providing sufficiently powered experiments with a substantial reduction of animal numbers.  

With the growing demand for imaging, we provide a range of clinically related modalities like MRI, PET, and CT in addition to optical imaging applicable to in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo studies. 

PCIC offers a range of imaging modalities from low resolution imaging of tumor size to high resolution imaging of soft tissues. We work continuously with researchers to provide a wide range of imaging options required for their studies.  

Since the PCICs establishment in 2013, we have served over 80 research teams and supported over 50 published articles. The core is in continuous development and strives to provide researchers with high-end technology and supporting services. 

PCIC works directly with Animal Care and Veterinary Services (ACVS) to ensure correct handling of animals during imaging procedures. ACVS is certified for animal care and handling and use of animals in research. All procedures follow strict rules that adhere to all applicable Canadian provincial and international regulations and standards.

If experimental needs require additional equipment and/or resources, the PCIC core works closely with a number of uOttawa core facilities to help reach your research objectives. Please contact PCIC for any inquiries

PCIC board outside the MRI suite (room 1327)
Find information on PCIC board outside the MRI suite (room 1327)


Carole Dennie

Carole Dennie MD, FRCPC

Core facility director

Roland Pilgram

Roland Pilgram, PhD

PCIC Facility Manager

Gerd Melkus

Gerd Melkus, PhD

Advisory Committee members

These committee members advise the Director and Facility Manager on all financial, operational, and strategic aspects of the PCI Core Facility. This includes usage and state of the facility fee structure, financial viability, facility management, and planning activities to ensure sustainability.




Adam ShuhendleruO Science / Heart InstituteAdam Shuhendler
Greg SilasiuO Faculty of MedicineGreg Silasi
Holly OrlandouO ACVSHolly Orlando
Hesham AbdelbaryTOH / uO Orthopaedic SurgeryHesham Abdelbary
Jason BermanCHEOJason Berman
Katey RayneruO Research and InnovationKatey Rayner
Michele ArdolinoOHRIMichele Ardolino

Contact us

Preclinical Imaging Core

Located within the Animal Care and Veterinary Service, University of Ottawa
Roger Guindon Hall, rooms 1327-1340
451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1H 8M5

Dr. Carole Dennie, MD, FRCPC

Chair, Continuing Medical Education Program
Professor, Department of Radiology and Department of Medicine
Director, Preclinical Imaging Core
University of Ottawa

Roland Pilgram, PhD

Facility Manager, Preclinical Imaging Core

For imaging inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

Holly Orlando, DVM

Director, Animal Care and Veterinary Service
[email protected]