The Preclinical Imaging Core (PCIC) Facility offers internal and external client’s end-to-end experimental solutions to carry out animal studies requiring in vivo imaging. Contact the PCIC team for more information and requests.

End-to-end services

PCIC provides end-to-end services which cover all steps from animal experimental design to data analysis. The core facility provides expertise regarding the imaging part of your project. Even though the focus of PCIC is on live animal imaging, we also provide options for ex vivo (organ, tissue) imaging and in vitro (live cell) imaging with certain instruments. Please visit the PCIC Equipment tab for more details on technology and equipment options.


PCIC provides consultations throughout your animal study where needed. Our staff is available to provide advice and contacts for other specialists to support efficient and strong experimental design. Once the design is finalized, PCIC can provide cost estimates to support efficient planning for funding proposals.

Protocol development

Protocol development is an essential step in the initial testing and setup phases of animal experiment execution. PCIC staff can help you develop a protocol that will provide high quality results that meet your needs. 


PCIC will then provide training for all users that will be collecting data on the selected equipment. PCIC staff gives support after training when needed to ensure that the equipment is used properly, and data is collected as intended.

Data collection

If you do not have access to our facility and cannot receive access to the equipment, PCIC can provide data collection or organize data collection by a collaborating laboratory. PCIC works in close connection with numerous groups within University of Ottawa and affiliated institutions with different areas of focus of research (neuroscience, musculoskeletal, cardiology, and other).

Data analysis

Data analysis can be complicated and might need special software for processing. PCIC provides expertise in data analysis and co-registration. The core facility provides different technologies that can be used in combination to provide more information from the same animal. Contact PCIC to discover more about combining different imaging techniques.


PCIC provides reporting services as per individual needs.