The goal of the Preclinical Imaging Core is to provide non-invasive imaging approaches for visualizing pathological processes in animal models.

ACVS scheduler

Users with an ACVS animal protocol can book time through the ACVS scheduler. For the MRI, or for users without an animal protocol (e.g. samples), please contact the PCIC team before making a reservation.

Booking through ACVS Scheduler will be available until further notice.

Please do not book equipment through Infinity until PCIC manager requests you to do so. This is only a setup phase to get every user onboarded to the PCIC Infinity facility.

It is expected that users are punctual for time booked.

Infinity transitioning

Infinity Logo

PCIC is in the phase of transitioning to the Infinity system by Idea Elan.

Principle investigators and users are invited to request access to the facility and equipment in Infinity. Once PCIC starts using Infinity, ACVS scheduler will no longer be available for scheduling.

Infinity login

PCIC will control access to equipment and equipment training through Infinity for every lab and user.

Labs will receive invoices through this system for: 

  • used equipment
  • provided services including ACVS staff support
  • used supplies provided by PCIC (isoflurane and any other supplies used during imaging sessions)

Cancellation fee will be applied automatically if equipment booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before the scheduled booking. Please see Fees and Billing tab.

Please follow the information below for general instructions on registration. More information will be provided soon.

Please view this Infinity-quick-guide (pdf, 821.67 KB) and the Infinity user guide (Infinity user guide, 2,218 KB) for setup and use of the system. You can also find helpful manuals at the CBIA core facility website for general instructions on registration to Infinity. These can be used as guides for the system. Any CBIA core facility related information do not apply to PCIC. PCIC will provide details on the PCIC specific procedures.

Internal uOttawa users

All users with uOttawa credentials can login to Infinity using these credentials through the uOttawa related link. Use the top username and passowrd windows to login to the system.

If you are logging in the first time, the system will guide you through the account setup process using a Wizard. During this process you can choose the lab you are working under and request access to the Pre-Clinical Imaging Core (PCIC) facility. If your lab does not have an account created yet, the lab PI or other lab admin (manager) will need to create their own account and create a lab. Users can then be added to this lab by the admin or the users can select the lab while completing the setup process.

Internal non-uOttawa users and external users

Users that do not have uOttawa credentials. need to follow the external link and complete the registration process on the main part of the screen. Once registration is completed, a lab needs to be created and users added to the lab. 

Lab settings

Once the lab is created, there are several settings that can be setup. Billing information must be filled out for every lab. It is possible to control which accounts are used by which users. Some default settings are also available for users to make the process easier if using the same FOAP or the same equipment for example.

Request access

To request access to the PCIC facility, find the facility during the setup process or, if you already have an account, click on the 9 box icon (top right) and on Facilities to see the list of facilities. Find Pre-Clinical Imaging Core Facility and click request access. A short acknowledgment is required before getting approved. The Facility may be also found under My Profile in the section My Facilities.

After you gain access to the PCIC facility, find the instrument you are using or would like to use. You can find the instrument under Intruments (booking calendar). Click on the image and click Request access. You will be required to fill out a form to give PCIC some information on how you are using the equipment and what is your experience with it. If you have used this equipment before, you will be approved and you will be put on the list of trained users. If you are a new user, you will need to get trained before using the equipment (except MRI). Every user, who completes training and thus gains access to the equipment can view training material under training modules.

Contact us

Preclinical Imaging Core

Located within the Animal Care and Veterinary Service, University of Ottawa
Roger Guindon Hall, rooms 1327-1340
451 Smyth Road, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1H 8M5

Dr. Richard Aviv, MD

Head of Medical Imaging | Chef d'Imagerie médicale
The Ottawa Hospital | L’Hôpital d’Ottawa
Chair & Professor, Department of Radiology| Directeur & Professeur, Département de radiologie
Director, Preclinical Imaging Core | Directeur, Centre d’Imagerie Préclinique
University of Ottawa | Université d’Ottawa

Roland Pilgram, PhD

Facility Manager, Preclinical Imaging Core

For imaging inquiries, please contact us at
[email protected]

Holly Orlando, DVM

Director, Animal Care and Veterinary Service
[email protected]