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If you experience a problem with the EvaluAction platform, visit the Technical support section to troubleshoot and find a quick solution. For any question regarding course evaluation and the EvaluAction platform or if you have comments or suggestions, please send us an email.

Five reasons to evaluate a course

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  1. You can make things change! Your opinion can make the difference in the structure and the content of the course and, foremost, it can enhance student experience!
  2. You can make a better choice of courses! Look at past evaluations for a course or a professor to make your decision. You will know what to expect!
  3. It’s all online! You can evaluate your course anywhere and at anytime during the evaluation period with any device. It’s super easy!
  4. It’s anonymous! It is impossible for your professor to see your name or student number. Professors can only see their results once the final grades are considered official. Your answers and comments are therefore confidential.
  5. You can help other students! Your feedback will benefit the new cohort just like you already benefit from the evaluations of students that came before you.

How to evaluate your courses

During the two-week evaluation period, you can evaluate your courses online, regardless of where you are or what device you use (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. You only need a Wi-Fi connection.

Watch the tutorial.

1. Go to uoZone.

You will receive an email inviting you to evaluate your courses at the start of the evaluation period on the EvaluAction platform. You can also find the application in uoZone under the "Applications" tab. Select EvaluAction (Evaluation of Teaching and Courses).

2. Choose the course to evaluate.

In the EvaluAction platform*, you will see a list of all the courses you are taking at the moment. Choose one of these courses to evaluate it.

* Don't forget to select Mobile Version at the bottom of the screen if you are using a tablet, acellphone or any other mobile device.

3. Fill out the evaluation form.

Answer the questions and complete the “Comments” section*. This section aims to provide your professor with constructive criticism. Your comments are anonymous, and the professor will only receive them after the final grades have been published, a few weeks after the end of term.

Click Submit.


* Don't forget to select Mobile Version at the bottom of the screen if you are using a tablet, a cellphone or any other mobile device.

Find out more about effective feedback (accessible version).

Course Evaluation Report

You can review the evaluation results and see what your peers think! Who knows, it could help you pick your electives…

In uoZone, select Course Evaluation Reports under the “Applications” tab. To view the results, select a term, then search for the course code or the professor’s first or last name (not both!).

Frequently asked questions

Evaluation and its function

Impact of evaluations

Evaluation Periods

Winter 2021

March 29 to April 14

Spring-Summer 2021

Session A: July 12 to 23

Session B: June 1 to 12

Session C: July 19 to 30

Session D: August 12 to 23

Fall 2021

November 22 to December 3

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