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Projects & Construction

We are proud to provide the facilities and infrastructures services necessary for the University of Ottawa to achieve its academic and research objectives. The map and lists below provide an overview of some of the more visible current projects being undertaken by Facilities as we strive to provide a vibrant environment for the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

Interactive Map*

*This map is not representative of the totality of Facilities' projects, highlighting only those which are potentially disruptive and visible on campus.


Major Projects
Summer Construction 2017
  • 100 LAURIER
    A section of 100 Laurier’s roof will be replaced.
  • 190 LAURIER
    The Development Office’s building will receive general repairs to its windows and doors.
    The third and final Brooks residence unit (the one closest to Marie-Curie) will have its roof replaced.
    The replacement of D’Iorio’s roof began in the fall of 2016; phase 2 will continue throughout the summer.
  • HAGEN (Tunnel)
    Prior excavation work on Séraphin Marion revealed that the service tunnel beneath Hagen is in need of general repairs and maintenance.
    Construction will continue on the Learning Centre, which will offer modern, interdisciplinary study rooms, 1360 new seats, and a 350-seat food service area on the first floor. It should be completed in 2018.
    The exposed top level of the Mann parking garage (P4) cannot currently accept parking year-round due to snow. The addition of a new roof will eliminate the snow load and allow an additional 91 parking spaces to be used throughout the winter. The first three floors will remain open throughout construction.
    Morisset’s lower terrace, which is 44 years old and serves as a roof to parts of the UCU, is leaking and in need of replacement. The concrete will be demolished, the waterproofing membrane replaced and a new terrace constructed, including new landscaping and lighting. The UCU steps opposite the 90U residence will also be replaced and a small assembly area created at the same time. The nearby accessible ramp will have to be dismantled during construction.
    The University’s existing emergency generator and related electrical infrastructure will be replaced with a new, larger generator to provide greater reliability for the campus. The plant’s fuel reservoir will also be excavated from beneath parking lot Z and replaced.
    Expect miscellaneous sidewalk and asphalt repairs across campus this summer, including limited pedestrian detours.
  • STEM (former site of MacDonald / CUBE)
    Construction will continue on the state-of-the-art STEM complex, which will house open-concept teaching labs, multidisciplinary spaces, and 3D-printing Makerspaces. It should be completed in 2018.
    Tabaret’s Laurier entrance / portico and ramp will be closed from late May to November 2017 as we address severe water damage to the steps and construct a new accessible ramp. Part of its roof (centre wing) will also be replaced.
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