School of Rehabilitation Sciences admissions test

OLBI offers a suite of language tests for a variety of stakeholders and purposes. We follow international best practice in test design, administration, scoring and reporting procedures.

About the test

Applicants to the Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, and Physiotherapy Master’s degree programs must be able to express themselves in both English and French, in writing and speaking. In order to assess these language skills, the candidates must complete their language tests in French and/or English depending on the program.\

Important information:

  • To access the tests, candidates must have a uOttawa student number and e-mail address. 
  • For candidates who have never studied at uOttawa and who will be submitting an ORPAS application for the first time, this information will only be sent by e-mail at the end of November. You must have completed and paid the ORPAS application to receive this e-mail.
  • The dates for completing the language tests differ from the deadlines for submitting the ORPAS application. Candidates may complete the language tests after the ORPAS application deadline, provided the language test deadlines are met (see deadlines section below).
  • Test results will be sent directly to the admissions committee at the School of Rehabilitation Sciences. Candidates are not required to submit test results as part of their ORPAS application.
  • Re-applicants must retake the language test(s) and pay the associated fee(s). Results from previous applications will not be accepted.
  • No other tests are accepted in lieu of the language requirements listed above.

Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Candidates applying in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology must write the test in both official languages.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

Candidates applying in Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy must complete a language test in the official language opposite to the one of their bachelor’s degree. That is to say, if the language of instruction of the undergrad program was English, the candidate must take the French proficiency test; if French was the language of instruction in the undergrad program, they must take the English proficiency test. If the language of instruction during the undergraduate degree was neither French nor English, the candidate must take both the French and English proficiency tests.

Note: Applicants applying to more than one program are only required to complete the required tests once. The results will be communicated to all of the School of Rehabilitation Sciences programs to which they have applied.