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The precious benefits of bilingualism

What does it mean to identify as bilingual? It means being someone who identifies as both Anglophone and Francophone. Clearly, being bilingual has several advantages: it is a major asset in the job market and may even improve cognition.

OLBI second language courses, choice for all

OLBI offers second language courses open to all, including future and current students, as well as those not enrolled in a program. Since your path is customized based on your language level, you must first take a language placement test before registering. Registration for the fall term starts May 24 for undergraduate students and June 21 for graduate students.
CCERBAL research forum
Anne Hébert
CCERBAL research forum
Dec 8

CCERBAL research forum | Thursday, December 8

The Canadian Centre for Studies and Research on Bilingualism and Language Planning (CCERBAL) warmly invites you to its next research forum about the M…
Dr. Jean-Marc Dewaele Picture
Oct 25

Positive Psychology Helps Overcome the Pernicious Native Speaker Ideology

The world of applied linguistics and the profession of foreign language teaching needs to finally sweep away the notion of “Native Speaker” (NS) and t…
Statistical survey
Oct 20

GRIGL Thursdays forum

Lpp research and statistics, The case of the survey of the official language minority population (solmp)

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