Associate Professor, Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute

1985 - Ph.D., Université Lille, France

1980 - M.A., Université de Lille , France

1978 - Licence, Université de Metz , France.


Room: 70 Laurier Avenue East, Room 015
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 6429
Work E-mail[email protected]

Alysse Weinberg

Fields of interest

  • Teaching immersion at the university level
  • New technology and languages teaching
  • Développement d'activités technopédagogiques.


Alysse Weinberg does research in the fields of tertiary immersion as well as new multimedia technologies and their application to second language teaching.

She has taught French as a second language at all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced - for over twenty five years. She has extensive experience using both traditional language classroom methods and multi-media language laboratory activities. She has enthusiastically embraced new technologies and has created new Internet and multimedia material for her own courses and for those of her colleagues.

As a language professor, she strives to motivate students to work independently to improve their own language skills. She tries to guide her students to develop their own personal strategies for learning a second language while respecting their own aptitudes and learning styles.

Alysse has been involved enthusiastically with the Immersion Study Program since its introduction and became one of its first pedagogical advisers.  She specializes in teaching adjunct language courses specially related to history using the latest content and form-based research trends in her classes. She has also undertaken research on various aspects of immersion education at the university level and finally joined the network of university research immersion at the CCERBAL.

Ongoing research

  • Immersion au niveau universitaire.
  • Exploration de la socialisation langagière d’apprenants de langue seconde en contexte de programme d’immersion universitaire
  • Stratégies d’écoute et de prises de notes dans des cours d’immersion
  • Développement des compétences lexicales d’étudiants en immersion

Courses taught

  • FLS2581 Cours d'immersion en FLS : capacités réceptives
  • FLS3581 Cours d'immersion en FLS : capacités productives
  • FLS2731 Compréhension de l'oral en français langue seconde : niveau avancé I
  • FLS2522 Compréhension et expression orale en français langue seconde : niveau avancé

Selected publications


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Publications multimédias

  • Pages web en encadrement linguistique pour les cours d’histoire

  • Weinberg, A. : La valorisation de la liberté. Cédérom de chansons historiques.
  • Burger, S. and Weinberg, A. : L'immersion, une solution miracle?, DVD sur l'immersion à l'université d'Ottawa. Ottawa, 2006.
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