Language Teacher, III (ESL), tenured (1992)

MEd, University of Ottawa

BEd, University of Ottawa

Honours BA Linguistics, University of Ottawa.

ESL Parts 1 and 2, FSL Part 1, Special Education Part 1

Room: 70 Laurier Avenue East, Room 110
Bureau: 613-562-5800 ext. 1575
Work E-mail[email protected]

Jennifer St.John

Fields of interest

  • Phonétique appliquée à la réduction de l'accent
  • Capacité de la communication orale- Enseignement et évaluation
  • Évaluation des capacités productives.


Jennifer St. John began her career teaching English as a second language at the University of Ottawa as a Teaching Assistant within the non-credit English Intensive Program in 1981 and as a Teacher in 1984. At this time, she also taught ESL with the CCDSB, the Bank of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts.  In 1988, Jennifer was hired in a tenure-track position with the Second Language Institute (now OLBI) and in the 1990s focussed her research activities in the areas of test development and specifically, the evaluation of oral communication skills; positions held include consultant on the advisory panel of experts for the Test of Spoken English (ETS - Princeton, NJ), Interim Director of the CanTEST/TESTCan Project, and materials developer and oral interview trainer on the Crown Corporations Language Test project.

Jennifer’s current research activities include (1) the exploration of effective pedagogical tools and best practices for the teaching of pronunciation and oral communication skills and (2) preliminary research on needs and issues of International students in business administration programs (with M. Toews-Janzen).

Recent administrative positions

  • Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies, Second Language Institute, (2002 - 2004)
  • Program Coordinator, Second Languages, UCDSB, (2005)
  • Coordinator, Second Language Teaching Program (DLS), (2006-2007)
  • Assistant Director (Administration), OLBI, (2008 – 2011)
  • Director, Undergraduate Studies, OLBI, (2011-2014)
  • Interim Assistant Director, OLBI, (2015-2016)

Courses taught

  • SL1112         Oral and Written Communication in ESL. Elementary Level II
  • ESL2112         Oral and Written Communication in ESL. Intermediate Level III
  • ESL2113         English Grammar of Second Language Learners. Intermediate Level I
  • ESL2121         Reading and Writing Skills for Second Language Learners: Low Advanced
  • ESL2122         Listening and Speaking Skills for Second Language Learners: Low Advanced
  • ESL2372         English Pronunciation for Effective Oral Communication
  • ESL2351         Advanced Oral Communication Skills for Second Language Speakers
  • ESL2361         Advanced Writing Skills for Second Language Learners
  • ESL3351         Oral Expression for Academic and Professional Contexts
  • DLS3110        Teaching Grammar

Selected publications


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