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Posted on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Series of outoor photos taken during the month of movement

We are already at the end of March! Can you believe it? This March, we invited the uOttawa community to spend the month in movement! Students, staff and alumni tracked their daily active minutes and participated in daily activities all month long. The Month of Movement really had us all moving, all while respecting the COVID-19 guidelines. Here is a quick recap of all the fun that was had.

We often believe that staying healthy means only physical activity, however, health encompasses a wide variety of activities such as balanced meals, meditation and more. The inaugural Gee-Gee's Month of Movement pushed us to find creative meals with unknown vegetables, add more colourful vegetables to our meals and support local.

How to get involved:

There were two ways to participate in the Month of Movement.

Option 1: People chose either to sign up as a team or as a free agent and would track their daily active minutes. Active minutes could involve anything from a scheduled work-out, vigorous cleaning, or playing outdoors with their kids. Any active movement was encouraged! Teams and free agents would submit their weekly minutes and updated standings were posted on the Month of Movement webpage.  

The other option was to participate in daily activities listed on the Month of Movement #iMove Calendar. This calendar was based off of  the 7 pillars of wellness here at uOttawa and allowed participants to explore all these pillars. These challenges included drinking as many cups of water as you are tall, sending in photos of four legged friends you spot while on outdoor walks, lending a hand to a neighbour, try a new fitness class, and sharing some love by crafting something for a friend.

BONUS: Participants were encouraged to post or comment on photos in the uOttawa Fitness Facebook group  or @uocampus’s Instagram page to gain engagement points! More engagement points meant more chances to win prizes.

Month of Movement results!

Over the course of the 31 days, over 322 individuals from the uOttawa community participated in the Month of Movement. There was a total of 43 teams and 103 free agents tracking their minutes and completing daily activities.

Our participants persevered throughout the month-long initiative to build good, healthy, and long-lasting habits.

The daily activities were designed to push us out of our comfort zone. While staying active during this month of movement, many discovered or rediscovered passions. Even if COVID-19 forced us to physically distance and continue to work from home, many were still able to enjoy a beautiful day outside to get some fresh air.

For those who chose it, being part of a team encouraged many to continue to stay active in moments of isolation resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our fellow Gee-Gees met some friends during their daily walks, like this furry friend who enjoys carrots!

The goal of the Gee-Gee's Month of Movement was to encourage our community to focus on their wellness and to help keep them motivated. Knowing that wellness means something different for everyone, the Campus Recreation team included a wide variety of activities that included something for everyone. Overall, this event was a massive success! Teams rallied, many members participated in daily activities and cheered on others virtually in our Facebook Group and many of prizes were won!

We moved for over 300 000 active minutes, as a community during this event! Habits were built and friendships were forged.

Be sure to follow @uocampus on Instagram and join our Fitness Facebook group for the winner announcements and to learn of any upcoming activities!

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